fixed gear (popped the cherry)

its harder than it looks, maybe nobody skids when i ask because they can’t?? Getting some pace up feels great though.

But seriously, I got into cycling in a big way last year when the physio told me my footy days were over. Enjoy my roadie but wanted to give fixed a try.

So after months of gathering up bits, finished my Masi 3V today when the Italian BB turned out and went for a ride. Will be pottering around the suburbs for a while yet.

See you around Melbourne.

welcome to the temple, grasshopper.

I don’t skid because tires in Australia are expensive. Bike skids are like car burnouts, you may think you look cool while doing it, but in the end it’s only costing you money.

(another reason I don’t skid is because I seem to only lock up the wheel in one position, causing severe tire wear.)

If your skid spots are high, you won’t wear through tires… it’s all about the gear ratios.

Also, $20 for Rando’s ain’t expensive.

Not flamin just sayin, if there’s a hole in your fork there may as well be a brake on your bars.
Just wanted to use the chance to promote safety.

I did a skid today. I am so cool. the rain might have helped…

I just picked up my yellow fixed bike and rode it for the first time. Its a different type of riding. I can’t seems to put my feet into the clipper :stuck_out_tongue:

post some pics mate

I’ve just started building my first fixed.
Got a frameset, just need a bit more income for more parts.
Skidding is rad. ha.

It took me quite a while to realise that if you take the wheel off, rotate it a little bit then put it back on once a week or so your tyres will last 10x longer.

depending what gearing you run it wont make any difference.
Im running 48/19 which gives me 19 skid patches. So in theory if i move the chain im still gonna be hittin the same patches, only way to fix it would be to move the tyre on the rim but the your labels wont line up with your valve so you mite as well be runnin star wheels cause your street cred will be lower than your mums tits.

Don;t feel bad. I’ve raced road and track on and off for 25 years and still can’t skid (my manhood just won’t me hang them out there for a banging if I fuk up).

Best I can do is a pathetic rear wheel lift skip stop using a front brake.

Im starting to get into fixed geared bikes. planning on purchasing my own this week