Fixed Gear Races Melbourne?

I’m a pretty keen fixed gear rider and have been for the past 4 years, and I was just wondering if there were any fixed gear races/alleycats/road races (all preferably for fixed gear or single speed bikes) in the near future in Melbourne.
If anyone knows so such events it’d be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, dan :slight_smile:

Caulfield Carnegie CC packer park velodrome
Darebin Indoor Sports Center (Disc)
Blackburn Cycling Club Velodrome
Hawthorn Cycling Club
Most clubs use DISC venue - Best to call Cycling Vic (based at DISC) and see what clubs are b
ooked in. Also check the clubs websites. The Austral wheel race (oldest in the world) is on tonight!

I was wondering if you knew of any that weren’t on velodromes?

Sure thing. You got a time machine?

There aren’t any regular events each week but if you know people then they will let you know when something is happening.

Definitely should just start your own, I’ll come.

you obviously haven’t heard of alleycats then

hmmm yeah always a possibility

Dan, how old are you?

Do you mean races like this?


You’ll need a time machine, not a bike mate.


Why can’t you guys understand

Okay, just to clarify, I was inquiring whether there was such a thing like organised road races, but exclusively for fixed gear or single speeds, as I am aware there are road races for all bike types but seeing as I have a steel frame fixed gear with a 44/16 gear ratio I would be at a certain disadvantage. I was inquiring about this because I have only recently become interested in road racing, and before hand I just used it as a means of getting from A to B, and I found it an adrenalin rush. Hope this clears up any confusion as to what I meant

Ok, I’ll bite.

Yes, there are organised fixed gear races, just like road races. They are called track races and they require a licence and a velodrome.

If you are talking about alley cats, yes, there are occasionally, but nowhere near as many as there were four/five/six years ago. Not only that, but almost none of them were fixed gear specific.

If you want to ride real fast in traffic on your fixie, you can do that at any time.

If you want to race in a competitive environment, you should go to DISC on a Sunday for a come and try it day. You might love it. Heaps of us were fixie kids before we got into proper racing.

Hope this helps.

Or you could try any of the ‘fixie highways’ in the inner city, Carlton, Collingwood etc. There’s always some commuters up for a race. I had a beauty down Royal Parade this morning!

Or if you’re after a “Red Hook Crit” type scenario, you’re shit out of luck.

Just buy a MASH/Red Hook Crit etc jersey and pretend, like the rest of us.

Lights to lights fixie drags every afternoon on Brunswick st.

LOLz :wink:

Tell you what original poster, if you start your own and do it properly people will come :slight_smile: