Fixed gear riders in NewZealand


I just got back from three weeks in NewZealand, spent most of my time in Nelson (top of the south Island).

I didnt see a single fixed gear bike the entire time I was there! Plenty of people on bikes, but not one fixie!

Found that most surprising! Anyone else had similar experiences?


Should’ve gone to Auckland:

Strange, cause there’s these dudes…

EDIT: What he said.

Yeah, Nelson isn’t exactly the centre for street or city culture. Most kids in Nelson just care about cars, car racing, stock-car racing and dirtbikes! And the main cycling scene would be mountain biking – road also, of course.

In the South Island you might see a few fixed gears in Christchurch and Dunedin – though Dunedin has some fucking ugly hills, so its probably just a small uni scene. Lots of general riders in Christchurch though, so I’d expect a few fixies now.

Was in queenstown a few weeks ago and I saw one if those dead ugly fluro giant bowerys in the window, got really excited cos I thought it was fixed. Turns out it had a freewheel and fr and rr brakes.

know a few blokes riding in auckland - some pretty decent riders too

as for the rest of the country, was speaking to a few guys i went to high school with who are studying in the south island, apparently the ‘trend’ is kicking on slowly, but no serious riders.

tha strangest is (according to my siblings) that there is barely any on the road in wellington at all, the capital city, and the most culturally similar to melbourne. i will investigate on my trip over next week

Wellington might be culturally similar – but it aint geographically similar. The place is one giant hill – and a mega steep hill at that. I doubt the fixie culture in Melbourne would at all be the same if it wasn’t so flat.

^ not to mention the head/cross winds