:::Fixed Gear Sydney on the Facbooks:::

Sup y’all,
After recently joining this site I also made a Fixed Gear Sydney FB page.
Fixed Gear Sydney | Facebook

Just a heads up. . .


not the face!

pffft, no one rides fixed anymore.

Hahhahahaa my fixie adorns my hallway…

Yeh no-one asked for skids either, not that they ever did.

Yep, it’s done, it’s all over, give up now.

Feel free to hand me your old unwanted NJS components on your way out the door.

Funny I read your page…
I thought this was the place to see what’s up in the Sydney fixed ‘scene’

We’re all about lycra and derailleurs here.

what he said. Euro-cyclist pretenders only please.

Thats only half true for me! ha ha

Yeah - I’m not quite there yet either. Might skip road and go straight to CX. King of charts proclaimed it…

find me in sydney repping the newest of the new


That shit aint new! They were dropping them styles on The Block years ago!!

Panniers and mudguards are where it’s at these days. Sock/SPD sandal collabo FTW.

Need pics to prove it :wink:

Heck, I’ll pay $5 to see a full shot of you riding with socks and spd sandals, I reckon a few here might chip in a few more $'s

Post the pic and PM me your bank details. How’s that for motivation …

Here’s a teaser… But socks and sandals would smash this for six. Come on ya chav!

There is an amazing picture of Sheldon Brown riding in the snow in Shimano SPD sandals and socks. I can’t find it, so I may have invented it.

nah … it’s out there. I’ve seen it too.

SPD sandals and socks = ultimate cool