Fixed gears on TV ads.

Has anyone else seen that Eclipse Mints TV ad where the girl makes out with some guy… the same guy that NJS walks his fixed down the stairs (I mean I don’t expect him to ride it)? I’m assuming it’s a fixed, I can’t see any brake levers on the drops.

Is this the first ad on Australian TV featuring a “fixie”?

Or is there more?

Yeah I saw it too. There’s obviously been a frenzy of sharks jumping each other recently.

Jesus I couldn’t stand to be associated with such a fashionable thing.

I’m buying a razor scooter now, those things are fucking everywhere anyway, why not join in?

I haven’t seen the ad yet but I’ll keep a LOOK out for it. NJS walking on TV sounds cool!

I’ll tell you what I have seen though- millions upon millions of fixies locked up on Gertrude St Fitzroy. This street surely has the highest density of fixed gear bikes I have seen, it’s out of control (I seem to use this term a lot when described fixies these days… :|)
Damoh, who works on this street told me to “get used to it, it’s been like this for months…”

And in case any of you were wondering, I survived my wisdom tooth operation, and I’m at home experiencing throbbing pain. But, it’s done. :mrgreen:

saw this advert last night and my housemate gave me shit…

She asked me if I was eating mints for dinner cause thats what the ‘cool fixty kids’ eat now. FML.

I saw a add for a mitsubishi colt or something the other night and it slowly passes a fixie placed next to a pole nothing else in the shot.

haha gold!

The latest subway add had a guy riding fixed behind a few guys dancing under the Brisbane riverside express then after a few airings the bit with the fix was taken out. I think it was Luke from Bros. Must have just been rolling through the shot when they were filming.

when i saw the mint add, I actually had to pause and rewind to believe my eyes… then i played it in slow motion to make out what the bike was, but it was too blurry.

It’s sweet.

The woman w/ mints appears to devour the fixter’s soul!