Fixed@Goolwa(ghetto style)

Around 12 months ago, I ferreted out some bits and pieces that were from kerbside pickups and freecycle and decided to build a ghetto bike to leave at the inlaws place at Goolwa.Limited shed space means this thing spends it’s time stored in an old canvas bag behind the FIL’s shed, so given the salty environment I wanted it to be somewhat disposable.Frame is an ol Hiten Malvern star,Steel 27’ rims with busted arse gumwalls.Screw on rear cluster is CIG fixed by me bro in laws arc welder,and aint goin nowhere.Shitty saddle and steel bars from an ol step through and she’s ready to roll.Not a bad ol scoot to duck down to the brewery on or shops and leave unattended without to much fear of theft.
Spent a few days down there this week and used it heaps given the weather, to ride with Mr 10 around the streets and get him used to low volume traffic.Decide to get a little more adventurous and do a dawn ride,and ended up clocking 28k’s and gatherd some pics.Awesome relatively flat place to pedal a fixed without any fuss, and has a brewery in town to boot.Handy if you already know the owner too.

Any way heres some self indulgent pics.

At the barrage

Beer anyone?

Ubiquitous garage door shot :roll:

dawn ride begins here,

Thats rad bro :mrgreen:
that jetty on hindmarsh island?

End of Liverpool rd(Goolwa Nth), Island is across the way in the background.

Nice build and pix.

What you doing about foot retention?

Ran it without on the last trip down(pics), I now have a cheap arse pair of wellgo pedals with straps and clips(from a donor) to fit next time I’m down that way.
It really is a basic old mish mash of bits.Ideally i’m looking to find an old 27 wheel from a repco exercise bike in hard rubbish, so I can ditch the welded cluster for a single cog fixed hub wheel for nuttin.
Considering it lives disassembled in a bag behind the father in laws shed, until I visit each time it’s not a bad ol steed for shit’s and giggles, and means I don’t miss out on saddle time when on hols with the fambly.One of these days I’m gonna take the trail and ride it to victor and back.