Fixed hubs for free!

I’m a student with a students bank balance.

Therefore I thought I’d share a discovery of free or very cheap fixed gear hubs.

Most exercise bikes use fixed gear hubs and thanks to late nights and infomercial’s there are plenty of old exercise bikes lying around the traps.

have fun

I don’t suppose they used Campagnolo Record hubs in a Danoz Direct exercise bike did they? :evil:

nahhh pritty shore thay doo 'Ratio.

Have you actually done a conversion onto a real bike? Or are you just assuming it will work? I have no idea what width or axle size they are, or if theres any other issues that would prevent this from working. Personally I wouldn’t trust it.

Yeah I don’t think I’d trust an exercise bike hub on the street. They’re not really put under the same kind of stress.

Hub’s aren’t really worth skimping money on, 'cause you can get something decent enough for relatively cheap.

i’d like to see a picture though

I did it with my bike… It’s been a while, and it’s holding up okay.,3667.0.html

They also have seats and spokes and rims and cranks. Hell, you could probably make a unicycle outta the thing.

Now theres an idea!

What speed do you reckon he’s doing, 3kph? Maybe 5 if he’s pushing it.

Reckon his bars are NJS?

That guy is so great in my books that his specs are NJS.

I have collected 2 Rear wheels with fixed hubs from repco exercycles, basically a 27 inche steel wheel with small holes in a few spots around the rim where they attach small fan blades. Simply remove the fans tension the spokes and seal the holes, or replace the rim if you can be arsed. Absolutley the worst, most dodgyist rear wheel you will ever own. But, didn’t cost anything and matches all those other parts and frame you pulled out of a dumpster. just don’t expect to ride it like you would your more esteemed stallions. why not add a fifth(</>) stead to the stables.

you may also need to change the cog on your new death trap as they often seem to have the smallest possible.

and if you leave the fan blades in, you can use it as your training bike/.

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