Fixed in Hong Kong

Hey everyone,
I’m going over to HK in 2 weeks and am keen to check out some fixed gear spots whilst over there.
Can anyone recommend any good shops?
I’ve already had a search on and am planning on checking out Fixarosa, But any other tips would be great.

Maybe check out the fixie pixie blog and see if you can glean some tips from there?

I should be there when u are there…I will be hanging around with the HKFIXED dudes. Also riding in Hong Kong is very scary…please do not relax.

  1. Taxi, Van and double decker will not see u and pull in front of u anytime anywhere;

  2. Riding in Hong Kong island please ride on tram track…but then if u aint loooking…ur tyre stuck in the tram track. Happened to every foreigner that ride fixed in HK around 6 of them fucked themself up;

^ two main concern.

Have you email the founder of HKFIXED? Email him he is generally really nice…pm me if u want his email.

fixie pixie blog…pfft!!..dont bother :slight_smile:

I find watching people ride while I walk on the footpath in Hong Kong is scary. Especially when those big double decker passes are nearby.

yes - didn’t mention that the blog is lame as fark. but maybe the dude mentions names of stores etc.

Fixie Pixie is not really a store…just a Blog and he take Pixie for Fixie?? LOL but he might mention some stores in HK. But the main one would be:

Roadafixa - is all u need to go for fixed gear…

What kind of stuff are you looking for?

Thanks for the replies. That fixie Pixie blog is wack, thats for sure.
I won’t be riding while i’m there, just interested in having a look at some stuff and hopefully buying a lot of it. Any ideas on how the prices compare to here?

HKFIXED - excellent priced
All other shop is very seafood priced and have no fixed priced. For example: the price varies day to day or if u ask politely they will do it in cost price for you. Very whacked…and hard to deal with.

PM me ur email I will let u know the bike shop u should go to and what stuff they sell.

If u want some Colnago, Pinerallo, Vintage italian parts …I got a few shop. They do not have fixed price…namely Seafood priced.

Seafood price? :stuck_out_tongue:

i was waiting for someone to do that :mrgreen:

Roadafixa will be the main focus.
have fun,

riding in au is safer than hk, indeed
some drivers are really aggressive is Brian’s site well rodafixa’s site
and you may want to check out the forum as well,

veedub why you want ppl to pm you so much :stuck_out_tongue: