Fixed Leads, an Australian online mag.

Isn’t that what this forum is for?


C’mon, there’s a point why we’ve come round to trying to spread the word and get constructive criticism for the mag, that ultimately is for everyone to use.

ok, here’s some constructive criticism for you:

  1. Alex was being sarcastic. There’s a glut of fixed gear sites out there, and yours is no different to most of them.
  2. Linking to that fixfixfix site and then writing an article about honouring women is so ironic it’s almost laughable.
  3. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious.

And you have received various rounds of criticism, constructive or otherwise. If the mag is for everyone to use, why are you relegating half of the population to riding bikes, only if they are wearing skimpy outfits?

If you actually want constructive criticism, take what we have said on board (we are your target audience after all) and don’t have a whinge when we call you out on sexist bullshit.

I don’t see anything new or exciting on your website sorry.
And I wasn’t a fan of the girls on bikes post.
I like girls, and I like bikes, I like cars and leg massages too, why don’t you post pics of people on bikes getting leg massages, or what cars cyclists drive?
No, not interesting 'cos they don’t have tits and that right? Whatevers brooo

And hey dude why don’t you post some sexy hardly dressed dudes on bikes eh? As well as the girls. But not together.
Don’t wanna leave out the GLBT crews right? THEY DESERVE SOME BIKE PORNO TOO

I think to compact all that has been said into something constructive, maybe consider focusing on purely australian or sydney based media.

There are so many sources of fixed gear garbage (prolly, zlog,lockedcog, pedal consumption, etc ad nausea) that repeat the same stuff again and again. Linking to international webpages that most people already know and have a level of disdain for (such as the fix fix fix) does nothing for the sport/culture/whateveritis.

Find interviews with frame builders in sydney/melbourne, local shops or bike boutiques, australian made product. Get something with interest, conjecture and real information/news. Organise sydney events, document melbourne ones, etc.

All this takes is some effort and phone calls and would make your magazine stand out from the piles of similar garbage.

Check out Treadlie magazine, I think (despite its lack of content) that it is a nicely made biking magazine with good informative articles on a range of cycling topics.

Anyone can go to (Fourteen Teeth - Fixed Gear Blogs at a Glance) and find the latest regurgitated fixed gear/tarck bike stuff.

come on guys give this magazine a chance it seems like it will be a good hub for the fixie and fashion scenes which really need our support

Thanks for all the comments guys, we take them on board. In other words what drozzy is saying is exactly why we wanted to come up with this project in the first place, to work along with local builders, shops, promoting Australian products and initiatives that clearly are out there, they just need a platform to do so and we are working along with them.

We will keep working hard on the content and hopefully cover what the target is looking for.

I don’t know why everyone is so upset about the ‘girls on bikes’ thing. Sure it’s entirely uninteresting and achieves nothing, but;

a) most of them are far from ‘scantily clad’ anyway
b) i’m sure you all read fyxomatosis and he has tons of photos in that vein on his site

But yeah, the content of the site as a whole has already been done many times before. I second drozzy’s suggestions. The ‘toolkit essentials’, for example, could have been an informative article for noobs going in to what tools you need as a minimum, extras you should take if you’re riding further, who manufactures the best tools for the job etc. but instead it’s just an ad for some crap from ‘sexy bicycles’ (worst bike company name ever, btw).

Agree with drozzy, interviews and depth pieces with some artisans of the industry would be great.

An interview with Ewen Gellie would be an interesting read.

Good on ya for having a go. It’ll be great to have a source of local based content.

haha looking at those bikes made my eyes bleed

thank you dylan. i owe you a beer.

Well done for trying to do something, but…

I don’t understand groups that try to “raise awareness” for something that is not a dying art, not devoid of mainstream attention and is already subject to so many blog hits, magazines and other points of reference that it is being used in car ads. Why not contribute to other established mediums that reach many many more people? The sum of the parts of something like is much greater than its individual parts. The same cannot be said about the sum of the numerous shit blogs/sites that simply regurgitate other information.

While enough has been said on the girls on bikes issues I am still going to say that was, apart from being a shit effort, dumb. if you want to attract readers/contributors don’t isolate at least half of the people that you are aiming at.

And proof your work.

Happy to be proven wrong, especially as you are aiming to support Australian shops/builders, but I think something has to change for it to work.

meh probably been mentioned already but I cbf reading through the whole thread, anyway, whatever you’re trying to do these guys do it better.

AND they actually produce proper magazine.

maybe if they’d been part of the community more than five minutes people would’ve taken their efforts a bit more seriously.

you gotta lay the foundations before you can build, gentlemen.

No point building on sand Brenno.

Can you build honest ping pong tables on sand?