Fixed Leads, an Australian online mag.

Hey everyone,

I’m part of a team here in Sydney who are running Fixed Leads ( Fixed Leads – Australia ) we’re an online fixed gear magazine who launched about three weeks ago. So far response has been fantastic here in Sydney & our aim is to encourage national shops, builders and riders all over Australia to take part in this non profit magazine.

In a nutshell, we choose to showcase, the arts, the design, all the news & products from all over, such as bikes & clothing for cycling people and by cycling people, with passion for both style and function. We will be also organizing gather ups and cooking up special treats for every rider to take part of. We wont stop rest assure.

I’d like to invite you guys/girls to take a spin through the site and share your thoughts!
Fixed Leads – Australia


Is the magazine going to be better proof read than your post??

Hey Skippy,
Well, why don’t you go ahead and have a read and help out so it molds to what you consider a better proof read of a fixed gear mag.

So is an ‘Online Magazine’ essentially just a blog? or are you guys planning on printing something?

We will but we need to build up the mag’s profile first and doing it online is the way to start; The reason why we started this hub was for Australia to stand solid next to what’s happening in the us, europe and asia and collect that worthy content that we have but scattered out there, so we need a serious ping pong here.

…Everybody needs some serious ping pong.

But good on you on taking the initiative for this. Online mags like ‘Stoked on Fixed Gear’ are good for the culture but are horrendously edited. Please take the time to make the grammar and spelling legible otherwise no one here will take you seriously.

Keen to see something try and revive a pretty dead scene here in sydney.

True that drozzy, that’s why we want to maintain a level of consistency and quality content more than quantity at this point, with strong design initiative.

You should rename it CXleads. You know you want to…

The scene moved out to the western suburbs and got into canvas saddlebag X dynamo light collabos. Also, 3x9 drivetrains, fat tyres and leather saddles.

And by “the scene”, I of course mean “me”.

i’d update ur URL’s to ‘Pretty Permalinks’ for better SEO. Google: wordpress friendly urls

Good call, cheers mchl!

So do you only ‘honour’ girls on bikes if they wear cloths that are gonna end in serious road rash?

Seems that way. Mention of thefixfixfix soft pr0n site is always gonna lose you points in my book.

You guys have to remember it’s a magazine, so we’re not targeting just one area.

That’s cool, but I won’t be coming back.

Yeh, but you’re still linking to pr0n. that fixfixfix shit is sexist and lame. you don’t have to buy into the whole chicks on bikes thing to get readers, there’s plenty of other places to go for that.

Do what you want, just expect to be called out on it.

if nothing else, you’re guaranteed to get honest “ping pong” here at

We try to make it tasteful and not offend anyone, hopefully that particular article brings out the artsy side of women on these bikes.

Amen rolly

there is a distinct shortage of fixed gear themed online web sites, blogs and magazines in my opinion.

True, that’s why we wanted to get this local non profit hub going on, it’s getting there