Fixed on Carlisle

I am seeing more and more fixies on Carlisle Street - Yesterday I spotted about 15 of them during the day - Makes me smile because I usually see the lycra boys pelting past in groups of 50…

Thinking it might have something to do with Spoken moving into the street and folk checking her out.

Anyone here ride a blue eddy fixie?

A dude with long brown hair and a beard, european looking… you smiled with that smile like yeah she is a beauty eh as i krinked my neck checking her out grining back!

I am loving Carlisle Street at he moment!

Sounds like Alvaro. Blue Eddy Merckx track bike with a chrome fork.

I think he lives in St Kilda. I’ve chatted to him a few times in the city, when I haven’t felt too guilty about holding him up (he’s a courier). He’s always been friendly though, and that bike is so understated and cool.

Allez Alvaro!

Yup, Alvaro - he actually lives behind Cafe Racer.

You may also have seen the Sat fix ride - we called in at s’poken on Sat arvo (or was it morning…? that day just rolled along).

I live on Carlisle Street, so you may see me tooling around on and off, a blue/white panels, track hack…

Say Hi if ya see me


my new gallery is on carlisle street… if you see a goose on this sucker say hi!