Fixed or forget it, and lose that sissy brake.

Good Read.

Goes alright eh…

I’m going out in the morning and getting a utility bike :smiley:


‘Bikes were the most popular mode of transport during the festival’

Heehee. Have a Harley Davidson Film Festival and see what the most popular mode of transport is.

Riding brakeless is more zen, you feel more at one with the road, like a surfer on his wave!

I went to a Razor Scooter convention with my kid on the weekend. You’d have been surprised at how many kids were there on Razor Scooters.

No way they have these??

Went past the skate park near the rowing sheds on the yarra and there were heaps of say 10 - 12 year old kids riding em and doing some pretty gnarly tricks on em … I thought these lived and died in '99.

Scooters, the new fixed???

Damn hipster kids !

They coast both ways :-o

True. . .but scooters may be the Rad thing with the Primary School Hipsters.

and their mums…in my 'burb, kid rides razor to school, mum rides it to pilates/latte/home or whatever. reverse order in the arvo.

aaahhh I love Term 4…springtime and scooter MILFs :evil: