jersey For Sale or Swap - Large

I have my jersey and it’s a beauty, but damnit it’s too big. I already have a Portland jersey in a Medium, which fits a bit tight, so thought I’d get a Large but these are a looser, stretchier fit.

So, if you have a Medium that’s too small and want to swap to a bigger one OR you missed out on the order and want one, I’ll part with it for cost and even post it free (in Aus).

First preference goes to a swap but, if there’s no interest, I’m happy to sell (preference there goes to regular riders).

It’s the burgundy colour with the black centre band. ANTICOAST in white on the black, with in black underneath on the burgundy. It’s 53cm from armpit to armpit and around 70 something in length.

PM me your email address if interested and/or I’ll send you a pic. (Don’t email me, the one here doesn’t work!)

Sorry to hear about the size issue nexus, but just out of general interest, I’d love to see a pic of these jerseys - So if anyone has a digital camera close by, post a pic!

Sorry to say but I am in the same boat.
I have worn mine a handful of times but it is way too big for me and hangs down over my ass if I try to put anything in the pockets.
I got the right size according to the website but no way.

Red with black band.
For some reason it does not have the dots between fixed org and au but it does have The Anticoast.

Would like to swap for a medium in any colour or will sell for a reasonable

Armpit to armpit is 51cm.
Back of collar to bottom of waist hem is 79cm.
Same size supposedly as the one you sold (L)

So much for the 41" chest stated in his sizing info.

Think yourselves lucky.

I got an extra large!!!

Its more than a little to big!


I have a light blue in Medium, never worn that looks set to be for sale as well.

Let me get a photo…

I have a Large blue (long sleave), and would love a Medium.

This might open up some opportunities for people.

Let me know.

Will take a photo of mine for you.

how much Rhino?
armpit to armpit size?

Measure and photo tomorrow…