on Facebook

For all those that were outed in the recent Slurpee news (other thread somewhere in the Pub section) as being Facebook junkies, I thought I would create a Facebook group for I know, disgusting, but hey, just pandering to the masses! I’m happy to admit though, of all the ‘Social Networking’ sites, Facebook is it.

To join, just search for ‘’ and you’ll find it.


um yeah,

Its not mine! its my friends!

-looks around whilst whistling innocently-

direct link for those interested


That’s for the friendless losers, ‘kiddie’ fiddlers, wanna-be serial killers and conservatives (i really hate conservatives). Don’t let the Faecesbook infect our small, narrow-minded, xenaphobic, vintage shit loving, Fixed-gear-freestyler community.

hehehe, faecesbook :smiley:

I cant be bothered to look at it because i would have to log in, set a new password i would probably forget, get annoying emails from them blah blah blah.