T-Shirt Poll!

Here they are!

powdah- “Get your Fix”

powdah- “I’m a Potato”

aquaman “vintage front/skid back”

LAM/powdah- “vintage cornering”

the p.m- “Let’s Fix The World”

alex4point0- “Hello, I ride Fixed”

Skippy- “Fix it!”

aquaman- “Fixdcunt”

prokotkin- “Too Old to Skate”

cellardoor- “Fixed gears are so hot right now…like the chafing on my balls”

LifeandCo.- “ Skull”

When’s stumps with this?

There has to be more than 25 members that can vote! Come on lurkers! :stuck_out_tongue:

The one I voted for has a clear majority, lets roll with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not too fussed… they are all pretty good… I just want one so my bike nerd personality and my online nerd personality can finally meet in reality and finally become one

I didn’t see this coming I have to say.

Early days though- should be leave it open for a week or so?

Lurkers have until close of business Sunday 30th Nov to submit votes.

Voted ‘vintage cornering’.

Vintage corneing is the clear standout. Do we want on it somewhere or did I miss something?

I’d like to see it across the back at the bottom, and I hope we aren’t too set on the pale blue?

I hope we aren’t too set on the pale blue?

Agreed. Sounds like we need another poll. I want a good quality tee too. Fitted, good material, not some cheap shit.

who ever is in charge of this whole tshirt thing do you know where you are getting it done? and the cost?

They should be ready by Christmas… 2009. :stuck_out_tongue: You guys with zero votes, don’t feel bad. Mine didn’t even make the final. :frowning:

I ride and I vote

+1 for vintage cornering ( I have that pic as walpaper on my work machine)

Note to T-Shirts vollie - can they be got in XXL this time? BY that I mean actual Aussie XXL?.

Hey nexus, apologies what was yours?
Do we need a recount? :evil:

The Supreme Court will vote 5-4 against it so don’t worry. We can have ‘vintage cornering’ for the next 4 years.

Just a reminder that I’d love to pay a bit more and get one printed on american apparel. American apparel xxl are also longer as well as wider, unlike gildan which keeps a medium length but gets super wide.(for the bloke on the other page who wanted xxl)

Grey marle for the colour as well?

I’d only say no because I’m a sweaty person, some how grey marle always makes sweat patches more obvious.

Oh good, someone figured out how to do the vote thing, and I don’t have to do it - :slight_smile:

Question: The vintage print which appears to be winning - Is the image high enough resolution to print? Sure it looks nice on a sub 400px image on the web, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a printable tshirt…


My faith in humanity has been restored- “I’m a Potato” is coming second, YES!
(We all agreed that the first AND second would be printed eh? :evil: )