Tee Shirts Now Available

In case you missed the front page (if that’s even possible), tee shirts are now available.

See below…

Tshirts have arrived!

Thanks to Nick for organising it, and special thanks to Makatron for going to all the effort of designing and screenprinting them for us all. We’ve got some medium and large sizes and they’re $25, including postage.

If you want one, send an email to or a PM. There’s only about 20 available so be quick. These will be collector’s items one day you know!

First in, best dressed!


I’ve been wearing one for the weekend.

Very comfy … good buy indeed.


They look the business…money sent and t-shirt on its way…if only I could have the day off work to sit in-front of the letterbox.

I do - and I’m taking my shirt out of the bag right now.

  • Joel

Got my t-shirt last night…good size, good colour and good design. My medium fits perfect, and will be sure to sonfuse all who stare at the design. Cheers to all that made it happen.

Mine should be in the mail by now. Waiting with bated breath.

Mine made it over the weekend - good stuff - thanks Nicks

Just thought I’d interject here to say thanks to everyone for buying the shirts.

As some of you know, there is no financial benefit to anyone as a result of t shirt sales. Primz put up the cash and took the risk in the hope that people would buy them. And so far, they have. (Although we just need some more Large size guys:)

Wear them with pride…and spread the love.

At the moment there are 6 larges and 3 mediums left. Be one of only 25 (or is it 30?) people in the world with these t shirts. These t shirts do come with one obligation - if you ever see somebody wearing one, you must speak to them!


I’ll try and get Andre to pick up a large one. shirts are great - I’ve been wearing mine since that last post ^^

I think it’s even starting to smell which is great! I’ve ridden 120kms on it so far.

  • Joel

I think it’s even starting to smell which is great! I’ve ridden 120kms on it so far.

Mate, thats a bloody long way to ride on a single t-shirt, considering they aren’t that big!!!

yeah in the absence of anything to do, I invent errands, and run them. I’m presently on uni holidays.

edit: OH ! And the other mechanic at work (a 50/50 gearie/SS dude) said he “fucking love that design!” So that’s a plus one.

  • Joel


I received my t-shirt late last week. Have worn it heaps. My wife even likes it and she is usually not impressed with my bike t-shirts. Great shirt.


just read this thread at the internet cafe - really glad people like the shirts! ive been trying to show mine off, but its f*cking cold here and i wouldnt dare wear less than a tshirt, longsleeve tshirt, thermal, hoody and jacket. so its no guess that even i have barely been able to appreciate it :slight_smile:

i went into the kierin cafe yesterday - you guys would have loved it. eddy merckx trackbike on the wall, beautiful frames hanging up, campag hubs laying about… joy. mind you i didnt feel so ‘in’ rocking up on my newly purchased 40? ‘super star’ three speed town bike. still waiting to find a permanent residence to have my trackie sent over (its packed and ready to roll)…

anyway, till next time.

cheers guys, nick.

Speaking of Eddy, did anyone else think he looks something like John Travolta? Ole Ritter seemed to look a bit like a vaccuumed Harvey Keitel too :slight_smile:

Ah… but on topic - the T-Shirts are brilliant. I have been wearing mine for a week now and love it! Big thanks to all involved!

If you get stuck with some Larges, I will get one for my Dad. I am sure it will bring the memories back foer him, and then I will hear the story how he used to ride 20 miles on his fixie to school and be able to mono the whole way…I wonder if he is telling the truth?h

A true fixed master!


Hi all,

Tomes told me about the shirts. If there are any left I’ll take a large! just who do I pay and what do I do? Cheers,


you pay Nick. I’ll send you the details if he doesn’t.

fixed ride tomorrow? You can bring your roadie as I am currently busting out in 48/15 to enjoy the sunshine and cool air. We could play around the lake.

  • Joel

Send me an email Andre -[at] - and I’ll organise it.

There are 5 or 6 large ones left at the moment. All mediums are sold out now.