Tshirts - Need state reps to distribute

Ok, finally, a new tshirt.

Before I go ahead and put up pre-ordering, we need to figure out how to distribute these tees across the country. el Brado (Brad) has graciously taken on the enormous job of organising to get these things printed and sent out - We’re thinking the best way is to offer three methods of distribution: To your door, pickup from someone in your state, and International.

For that to happen… We need people who are reliable (ie. have more than a few posts, and seem legitimate), who can take hold of tshirts and distribute them for their state - I guess you’d need to be in a major city. You get a free tee for your efforts -

Please do not post idle discussion in this post, it is purely to work out the logistics of making this happen.

Nick & el Brado

Will they come in man sizes like XXL?

First, people need to organise it. Sizes will come later.

Can someone please post a pic of, or a link to the thread that contains, the shirt design in question?

Being on the rock’n’roll at the moment, I am time-rich and t-shirt-poor. I am also a short walk from a post office. If it isn’t already spoken for, I humbly submit myself to coordinate Vic.

PS it could be worse, at least you don’t have 125 shirt designs to go through like LondonFGSS do :wink:

Edit: If Melbs is going to be as busy a gig as I think it is, I will def. need help. Please PM me if you can help with packing one Sat after the morning ride or printing address labels etc.

Ok Melbourne is covered
Canberra is too
Brisbane is ok, since that’s where el Brado is getting the printing done

We need Sydney & Adelaide - Maybe the bottles & chains guys can do Tasmania?

Yes, afaik we’ll do full sizing - Girls too.


Brisbane will be fine with me.

The ‘crew’ is pretty tight - so there shouldn’t be any issues with me looking after the area.

I gots Adelaide covered. I work in the city, so meets ups are fine.

who is taking care of canberra?

User Triples.

I’ll do Vancouver!!


Maybe I can help with that part of the delivery chain :lol:

Depending on the quantity of boxes we are talking about, I could probably help out with Sydney CBD pickups.


Who’s doing Perth?

plus 1 vote for ‘to your door’

If anyone wants to do Perth or Hobart PM me.

All the other capitals are covered.

Unofficially the shop is up - just got the first order.

do we get a size option for “Your City Pickup”?

took the post right outa my mouth. just purchased mine and then thought about that though… also am moving to my new sydney ( am in canberra now) in about 2 weeks… will it be ok to pick up that far awayfrom now in sydney?

Certainly hope so!