Benzy and Coffee Ben made their track racing debut at DISC on Tuesday night.

Photos follow:



Nice one boys! Look forward to racing you when I get back from holidays.

Did you guys ‘smash em’? :slight_smile:

no pics of coffee binning it in the first race, then getting back up for a 3rd in the next race? ladies and gentlemen, we may have a new hardman…

Haha, thats funny that i came third cos it was a progressive points race and i had no idea how it worked or what was going on! I just went out hard for some glory in the first five laps then ran out of steam but i must have got enough points to get in the final 3 so i’m stoked…

My mate was playing with his video camera so i’ll have some footage of the crash soon, it was a decent slide!

are you guys both on new bikes, or are you flying around on your streetzzz bikes?

Nah, didn’t get any shots of the bingle - I was queing up for my own race and by the time I looked over my shoulder it was all done and dusted.

Yeah hardcore getting up and continuing to race Ben.

I had a pissy little slide out off the bank going too slow about 18 months ago and it took me nearly a year to stop making excuses for not going back…(like waiting for a bike to be built etc etc)

I think Cuz Bro was on his street bike that night…


I’m on my street ride, the cannondale, with mavic ellipse wheelset instead of aerojokes :wink:

I was on the vivalo at first for the sunday training sessions, but gave the alloy steez a try a few weeks ago and it feels a bit better to me, might just be a better fit…

Big ups to the Cranky Crew!

all those laps of coburg velo are paying off for coffee ben… :smiley:

haha! nice one stu,was stoked to get started after a couple months of training sessions, and also watching A grade after racing makes you appreciate how fit and how fast those cats really are.

Nikcee, Alex, you’re next…if you think roller racing is fun…


Stu, I’ve already been there. If you trawl the annals (i said AnNals :roll:) of youll see a shot of me in a shifter hoodie from January 2007 at the bumpy bathtub that is burnaby velodrome. i raced the burnaby 6 days series 2 years running. Got completely the flogged both times (not suprising given that my race prep was 95% snowboarding and 5% bike riding thanks to mid-winter weather in vancouver), but had a blast.

i’ve been meaning to get out to DISC having ridden on pretty much every other melbourne metro track (blackburn is the only other one).

if i’m going to race, i need to work out how to actually get power out of the sticks i call legs :expressionless:


I race - and I need to work out how to get power out of my ex-rugby playing kauri tree trunk legs too! They have not been working of late…

Come on down on a Sunday for a roll - you’ll find plenty of friendly faces.

Forecast for this Sunday for example:

Cloudy. Isolated showers, clearing around dawn, then isolated showers during the evening. Winds north to northwesterly averaging 20 to 35 km/h.


(i.e. (somewhat) shit for riding outside)

All good… benzy and benny have set a good example, i need to follow them on this.

^ And my sticks are no bigger than yours…

small sticks are the new black!

my sticks are no bigger then most peoples arms! but hell, i had a blast out there the other sunday morning.

must go again soon…

yes. yes you must.

i’m there tuesday evenings. and sometimes on thursday evenings. and i’m thinking of starting to go on sunday afternoons as well, for hawthorn’s sunday roast. come hang out!

Whats the sunday roast?

long races. certain sundays, usually two divisions.

run by hawthorn cycling club:

TC did them last week (and did well!):

sunday roast looks good but there seems like there are only div 1 and 2?,time to start training!