Fixed since 1971 (aka "the I'm older/cooler than you thread")

Rummaging through some old photo’s … chicks, chicks and more chicks I found an old pic of my first fixed gear ca. Xmas 1971. Coulda been 1970 but I’d have to check with mama spirito. Don’t know who the girl was … she probably sussed I was a control freak and split the scene early :stuck_out_tongue:

So embarrassment about the “P” plate, probably more so than the socks/sandals combo. I think my parents tossed the drum kit early on before I had a chance to become the next Keith Moon.

Last pic is unashamed comparison with Eddy ca. 1978 … similar style, no? :cool:

The rest of us should just give up.

I mean, I’m going to palp a knitted beard and stick to Audax.

The photo of the chick to the right…is hot…can’t see much of her but I bet she is/was

Very kissable neck


^ I think I’m glad we can’t see the rest of that photo…

Do you still play the piano accordion?

Aaah Christmas 1971, the folks gave me my first Dragstar. It was red, with a big red reflector on the sissy bar and a 3spd Sturmey on the top tube with a white T-shaped lever (lost count of the number of eye-watering mishaps involving that lever, It’s a wonder I have sired offspring). I was a little pissed off because my younger brother got one that year too, I’d had to wait three years longer than him.

My first direct-drive FG experience was some years earlier, it was red too.

I am older than you, probably not cooler.

“P” for Pimpissimo amirite?

i hope for everyone else’s sake that it is a guy

Or his Mama

I wish I did … I stopped playing it when I was around 12 years old when every thursday evening’s lessons resulted in tears

Looking back on it now I wish had continued. That’s the same for a lot of kids I guess.

Respect !! Easily cooler than me … just post pics, I wanna see first bike pics. That’s what this thread is really about.

//// Mrs. spirito peered over my shoulder to see what I was giggling about. All she had to say about the pic was “saddle’s too low” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, that trademark is for Pimpissimo™ up in Coffs Harbour, you only need to look at his flickr account to know the title I bestowed on him is fitting Flickr: gts753’s Photostream

Azz, you scare me

Okay…check out the fats on this bad boy.

Circa late 70’s.

Nice thread idea Spirito. The similarity between you and Eddy is striking, right down to the look of longing in your eyes.

I’m going to break from the trike theme and post my first bicycle.

At the time all I knew was that it was red with two wheels, but having re-discovered it last time I went home, I think my old man actually must have put a lot of work into it.

I still remember pushing it up the hill near my house, and my dad launching me down the (small) slope saying “you’ll be fine!”. Have been scared of descents ever since.

Gonna be tough to beat that … you don’t even look 2 years old. Amazing !!!

Twin plate crown !!! That’s a very stylin’ ride.

My dad had a similar style for teaching me to swim. Lucky it worked.

Maybe they’re from the school of talk and encouragement counts for nothing, get stuck in and let the instinct take over. Sounds mean, but maybe the psychology is sound.

Not me but my son, Gabriel

c’mon Blakey … if it’s any consolation mrs. spirito is a little bit in love with you.
Then again so am I :wink: