Fixed / Singlespeed Hub - What does it look like

Alright guys, just need a little bit of help, can someone identify this hub as being fixed/fixed or free/fixed.
Need fixed/free but not sure from the picture, help would be very, well, helpful.

While I’m at it, can someone tell me if this is hard to polish/clean up?

Links didn’t work,
Picture 7/8/9. → Auctiva Image Hosting
One more thing, do Araya Red’s Have braking surface? (sorry for the noob question)

Google, work out for self, etc.

Actually, I’m being an arse.
Pics didn’t load.
You can tell because there’ll be a lockring thread on the fixed side, and if they both look the same it’s fixed fixed dude.

Is fixed/free fixed/fixed really a deal breaker?
Remember you can put a freewheel on the fixed side too.

Yeah, i tired Google-ing but the angle kind of cuts off the possible different levels of the cog/locking.

Didn’t know about the horatio, looks like it don’t matter anymore :slight_smile:

To brighten your day, 1.00 AUD = 0.984348 USD

Q) braking surface?

First of all, do you understand how a tubular tyre works? Seriously, don’t buy those wheels. If anything, NJS stamps mean Not Suitable for Muppets Like You.

Yes, of course I do, I’ve been Tossing and turning if i should spend 130 dollars more on velomine and get the Mavic open pro’s.
I think after the hassle of tubular’s i might.

The hubs look to be fixed/fixed but at the price this wheelset is at, personally, I’d buy it regardless. And like horatio said, you could just chuck a freewheel on the other fixed side if you really want. With a bit of elbow grease, and some polish, they’d clean up fine. Regarding braking surface; I don’t know how well they’d hold up to rigorous braking as they don’t look to be machined at all. There’s a little more info on them here: Araya tubular rims [Archive] - Bike Forums

NJS fixed/free? Like for when Keirin racers want to use a freewheel on the track?

verb, broke or ( Archaic ) brake; bro·ken or ( Archaic ) broke; break·ing; noun
–verb (used with object)
to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: He broke a vase.

noun, verb, braked, brak·ing.
a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle or other moving mechanism by the absorption or transfer of the energy of momentum, usually by means of friction.

glad it’s not just me!!

Rolly said “glad it’s not just me!!”.

No, its not just you. This sort of thing really pisses me off too. I feel like I’m being a bit of an arse when I complain about it (i.e. like one of those niggardly anal retentive primary-school-teacher types who regularly bemoan the death of the English language). I also know that its deeply uncool to quibble over spelling (as the character ‘Khat’ says in Randolph Stowe’s ‘Captain Midnite’: “there’s nothing romantic about good spelling”). However, those sort of spelling mistakes are just so dumb that reading them is like listening to fingernails being dragged across a blackboard.

While I’m having a good rant — another thing which pisses me off is when people say “somethink” when they mean “something”. Arghh!

I think you deserve (r)antmandan’s “Rant of the week” for this little gem :slight_smile:

haha definitely!! i enjoyed that :slight_smile:

thanks El Kabong

A girl i work with says this, it kills me… i’m wondering how I should bring it up as she nearly cried when I questioned her dimensioning on a set of house plans… and I really dont want to upset her, but it grates me so so much

I’m sure you’ll think of somethink.

It is, shortened to it’s not its.

like in that new woolworths ad! gah. or when people say “should of”. so many people on this forum type that

I always assumed that a breaking surface is one on which breakdancing is performed.

There are rims that look like Araya red’s, but are clinchers.

Just sayin’

EDIT: In my awesome opinion, I wouldn’t buy a set of TRACK tubulars to run on a bike with a freewheel. There are lots of really nice rims, laced to really nice hubs that are fixed / free (sure neither of them have the NJS stamp on them, but unless you are Tomity, it doesn’t matter). Hell, 'd be steering clear of running tubulars on the street (unless I got a nice Zipp tri for cheap).

If I was you, I’d be buying wheels with a braking surface and steering clear of NJS tubular rims. All the braking might break them.

And if you really, really want a nice low profile wheel, look out for a nice set of road clinchers laced to a screw on road hub. A bit of dishing and… win/win!

P!N20 said “It is, shortened to it’s not its”.
I am humbled.