Fixed & stix don't mix

RIP my new Formula rear hub
Riding down from Mt Nebo to Brisbane a small stick got sucked into my chainring and locked the chain from rolling.
As a result my drivetrain turned into a super chainwhip and tore the lockring step in the hub body clean off.

The freewheel I thought I’d probably never use saved the day and allowed me to limp the 15k home

Shit happens as they say

I know you Brisbane guys are tough as … but:

a) Down from Mt Nebo
b) fixed

?? Jebez !! Lucky you got out with just a broken hub :slight_smile:

It was a good climb up the dirt road from Samford via the Goat Track. The way down to the gap isn’t that steep, just a bit of rough fireroad and I do have two brakes on it.

Was going fine till someone came past and asked how my setup was going, “yeah good just have to try not to spinn out too badly going down”, 5 seconds later, crunch.