Fixie 1.0

Just finished it today! :lol:

Frame: Popular steel frame (with rattle can paint job)
Rear wheel: Velocity deep V on velocity fixed/free flip-flop hub
Front wheel: Velcity deep V on velocity hub
Cranks: Sugino track cranks (170mm)
Cogs (f/r): 40/14
All other components are left-overs from the junk box!

Nice bike…Do you support the Hawks by any chance? :slight_smile:

Cheers. Yeah, not a die-hard but I lived in Hawthorn before moving to Brisvegas so I thought it was appropriate. Also I’ve never seen the colour scheme before (I realise there may be a reason for that :-P) so wanted to try it out.

Nice. You round Vegas.

sweet bike, hate to say but that is pretty die-hard,
just wondering what tyres are on it

very cool!

that looks like a mean hill in the background there…

I really like it- unique. And that’s not a word you can use very often to describe bikes. If Willy Wonka had a fixie, it might look like this!
Just Sayin’

Yeah the hill in the background is my driveway, not really the best for fresh legs in the morning! For those who know Brisbane I’m in Highgate Hill which has some notoriously brutal hills (hence 40/14). The tyres are Michelin Speedium 2, my only criticism is that they are too grippy :-).

highgate hill! respect. used to live down at hill end, those are some nasty-arse hills thataway…

40/14 is some getting mashy, hills or not.