fixie and messenger shirts for sale.

one of the guys i work with used to be a screen printer, and still has his stuff.
so of course we are doing some shirts for fixie riders and messengers.
the shirts are $25 each, available in colors we decide to print, with the prints done in single color black for light shirts, and single color white for dark shirts.
except the dead messenger shirt which is going to be color.
i’ve put the sample art for each one up below and will replace them with photos of the actual shirts as soon as i can find my camera which i think might have gone to the gods during new years.
anyway, these are going to be done in short runs, when we feel like it, and if you order one, or say “yes, i will really really promise to pay you” we’ll do one for you that nite.

so contact me if you want a shirt. or 10, or 6 of each. you get the idea.

A couple of them look the same…

yes, because i’m lazy and don’t care.
basically i made don’t tell my parents i’m a mess\enger shirt first and people asked if i could do it as a fixie shirt, so i changed it to read fixed rider. couldn’t be bother4ed to make a whole new design, same as i can’t really be bothered doing different styles of shirt.
the set-up that we do now seems to be the design that people like.
and as i said i’m very very lazy…

Do you do them in “very extra large fat bastard”?

they fit me, so they will fit anyone.
and having said how lazy i am, i’m actually redoing half of the shirts and adding one that says “fixed in my ways” in a nice italic script.
sizes to fit every one, colors to suit all.