FIXIE - A Very GC Alleycat

“FIXIE GC’s” first alleycat
Checklist alleycat
More event details and info comming soon
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First alley cat??

Come on Ben :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i might make it down for this…

First “FIXIE gc” alleycat

my bad

I’m keen to come down for an alley cat.
I’ve not spent much time at the GC though. Where is this casino bus stop?
Does the train go near there?
Can there be map linkage please?

Also is there entry fee?

Is the gold coast flat? should I up my ratio?

I think I could be keen to cruise down. Will see if anyone else is too

Do you know were conrad jupiters is? It is the bus stop outside of the casino

Nearest train station would be robina or nerang about a 10 min bus trip from the station to the casino

GC is rather flat so a higher ratio is good

Cool. Do they let you take bikes on the bus at the GC?

When do you think you’ll be going down no shirts?


First Prize is a pair of Vans Fixed Gear Era in white

2nd and 3rd Vans Hats

not that i am a chance for a prize, but I have final clearance and we are heading down… seeyas tonight.