Fixie Kyoto

hey anyone know anywhere sweet in Kyoto to pick um some gear?
mums over there now, wanna get her to try find me something nice for my build


Is she going to any other cities than Kyoto? I didn’t see much in Kyoto when I was there, but could give you some links to maps to places in Tokyo / Osaka.

na she was going to be heading to tokyo until the dollar dropped and it was all gonna cost near double what she had expected. Just in Kyoto. Thanks all the same

What about Tokyo?
Are there plenty of shops there?
I tried to look on the net but I can’t understand Japanese so couldn’t find much.
I’m only spending a day there so probably won’t have much time for shopping but if I don’t have to go out of my way I’d love to see what I can get.

Is there anything in Kyoto?

kyoto right next to osaka. short trip on the shinkansen. there were heaps of fixies around in osaka when i was there so there should be a few shops. i think ocean cycle factory is in horie.