Fixie Pops. lol?

Saw these at my LBS.

Immediately went for the facepalm.

Judging by the name/cheesy graphics etc i couldnt think of anything more embarrassing. But it has got me curious and tempted to give them a crack. Anyone else seem them? Used them?

700 x 24c? Huh?

My mate imported them.
Good for skids. White, orange, pink and purple, I think.
Can’t fit in my fuji.


are these not the same as another brand that’s been around a fair while? (the name escapes me)

Google tells me its Halo.

ive never heard of them?

gran compe isn’t it? i ordered a 700x23(more like 700x19) back when i was having tyre/fork issues. they sent me a Duro which is apparently the same thing.

Bike Tyres | Coloured Road Tyres

they’re branded gran compe in the pic, but they sent duro…

i reckon deep down HLC really wants these but was just testing to see if they were widely ridiculed before buying them…??? it’s ok to want coloured tyres…

i’ve not ridden more than 200m on mine and haven’t heard great things to be honest…i mean, they’re fuckin tiny!!

Duro makes many tires, these ones too.
And ones with reflective strips, etc.
Duro make gran compe ss, which are tiny and terrible, these are fatter and nicer, and bigger than my 23c re-fuse i used to rock (till i skiddded through it during efts).

double post sorry, don’t know how to delete (i’ll look later)

nah, not the gran compes. wot a stinking pile of shit those tyres are. i skidded thru one in a couple of weeks (and that was before i could even skid good n’ shit). the one on the front lasted a few months before the ridiculously thin, weak rubber just wore thru. and yeah, the fact they’re only about 19mm wide meant that that whacking your rim was inevitable

but yeah, i think it’s Halo
(edit, it was Halo i was thinking of, but these fixie pop things have a different read pattern)

I do want coloured tyres, ill admit that lol im running pink maxxis detonators on my current ride lol

it was more, i dont want to spend 50-70 bucks on coloured fyxation tyres, when these (aside from the horrible graphics/name) are much cheaper. Although 28c fyxation tyres would have been sweet, i didnt want to spend that much on a tyre that i will attempt to and eventually skid thru lol


I got mauled by my bike mechanic mates when I was at the shop who plastered those stickers these all over my ride a while ago. Andy White came in afterwards on his ciocc and commented on them…

I went in to my LBS to get a replacement for my brothers old vittoria rubino, which was blue… was told they were no longer in stock, but how about a fuzzbuster (blue one of these)
I dont skid a lot, but was told these were made especially for fixies with the thickened rubber etc…
I wore through the rubino in about 4-5 months (replaced in june, then again in late oct/early nov)
I wore through the fuzzbuster in ~3 weeks.

the rubber may be thicker, but it wears MUCH faster. imo this is just a cash cow trying to piggyback on a trend with a subpar product in bright colours

yep, if you want a coloured tyre that will last the only choice is fyxations with the black stripe up the middle. coloured tyres just dont have enough carbon (any?) to give them any resistance.
i’ve had a pink/black fyxation on the back for well over 6 months and it’s holding up well. (prior to that i had a full pink one on the back which still skidded through pretty quick, despite the massive amounts of rubber on them.)
ps, i don’t regularly bust out madd sikk balls-to-stem 100m skids but i do skid stop

both were blue, although the rubino does have a black strip, lending weight to your argument for carbon adding to tyre lifespan. I still think that the fact that they are cheaply made, cheap rubber lends itself, regardless of blackness/carbon in it.

it’s not an argument, it’s fact. more carbon = tougher, but also less ‘supple’ ride, and harder, which is why some people hate gatorskins, cos they’re so hard they can slip out if it’s wet.
fyxation’s are a quality, well made tyre, but that don’t mean shit if the rubber has no carbon in it cos they’ll still skid through quickly. which is why they introduced the black stripe of significantly harder rubber.

why aren’t any manufacturers producing silica bike tyres? awesome wet traction, good durability, cheap…

silica wont last long on friction mate…

yeah been running one and skidded thru the meat of it in a couple of days and have seriously had to alter my riding style because im too tight to buy another tyre in such a short amount of time.

that and grip in the wet is atrocious. I can skid sitting down for FFS… makes me a little scared when cornering at a reasonable pace in the wet ha ha

I’ve seen someone running them before. Theyre just rip of fyxations…

I can’t help but disagree with this.