Hello gold coast fixie riders

Next event as follows

6:30pm 15/7/09
Circle on Cavil GC
Free entry

Various events
Cross carpark race, Trackstand ,Best Skid etc…

1st prize - Jack potted from last event

Cinelli PISTA bars

2nd prize - (Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose)

Retro Tuff riding gloves

3rd prize - (Shameful 3rd for people who tried but failed)

Michelin Inner tube , CO2 Tyre Inflator

Also mystery/misery prize for the person to fails at every event
Plus a few vinyl stickers still to give away

Get the word out!, Hope to see everyone there,

design jerk

I’ll be there! ready to win… again :mrgreen: either that or crash trying. both will be equally as fun

Sound good man.

-, ,-
O+O_ ______ Skid.

ripping solos

A Wednesday? This changes everything.

Me and gypo are coming down but running a bit late. Do you kick off at 6:30 or is that meet up time?

thats the met up time ,

sweet event with all 5 participants. very GC. that carpark express lane was intense. :-o i am wrecked today. luckily i had no work on.

Thanks for a great night guys had a ball. Next time we’ll try bring down a few more riders, and don’t forget Summer of Fixty-9 :smiley:


Stretch hummers, VGC.