Fixies in Black Rock?

Spotted late this arvo down my way near the clock tower at Black Rock - a small group of fixie riders taking a breather. I thought I was the only one to venture the fixed this far down bitch road. They looked puzzled…were they lost? (Or were they suburban poseurs like me?) :evil:
I’d have offered them directions but I was busy yelling at the kids while driving in my AWD wagon, sipping a latte and taking a phone call… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha about 6:00pm? If so, that was Max, Cress and me - on our way back from Blairgowrie. We stopped so I could whinge a bit about my wrist. It was a great ride tho - tailwind the whole way.

Suburban poseurs? Absolutely!@

Blairgowrie? I didn’t go that far for my last holiday…I’d be winging about more than my wrist :expressionless: