Fixies on Science of Stupid

Richard Hammond on Foxtel’s Science of Stupid, had a segment covering fixed gear bikes the other night, though with the sort of bikes and the stupid things being done, I feel no shame in using the term ‘fixie’.

I actually enjoyed it. Apart from the obvious pleasure of watching stupid yanks hurt themselves (oh, okay, maybe not all were yanks), Hammond’s explanation of fixed gear and the physics involved was very good and sympathetic, despite being dumbed down for non-cyclists.

Of course, Hammond is a keen cyclist himself but his presentation of this segment showed he knows fixed gear, maybe even rides it himself, as there was none of the snide arrogance you often get.

So, good one all round. Unfortunately, I can’t link to or give a title for this particular program but considering Foxtel’s habit of repeating shows everynight for a week or so, there’s still a good chance of catching it.

Doing a bit of a look around I think the episode is called Tennis Racket and Chair Dances. Seems to be locked for viewing at the moment on the Nat Geo website. Speaking of fixed gear spotting, I did see a reference to ‘fixies’ on The Amazing World of Gumball this morning hehe.

just gonna leave this here.

Stewart Lee is F’ing hilarious

He’s amazing. Going to try and see him while I’m over here. He apparently lives in my hood, (at least according to twitter)