Fixopoly alley cat

Hey Everyone, I’ve decided to run an allyecat on the Saturday afternoon before Pushies Galore.

6PM, Kangaroo Point Rotunda - $5

Fixololy / bikeopoly: It’s an alley cat, based on the monopoly game which will send riders to various CBD locations decided by the roll of a dice.

Everyone rolls a dice three times, the number on the dice has designated a checkpoint, the rider receives a property card like the game with checkpoint details.

Once everyone has three destinations the race starts as a group (people will be going to three of the 6 locations). All of the checkpoints have a special identifier which needs to be collected before heading to the finish line which is Antmandan’s East Brisbane showing of the 8th stage of the Tour de France featuring his home brew!

The locations will be varying distances, some people may travel short distances others will be longer. A leveller so it’s just not purely who’s fastest / fittest and to take away a little seriousness and encourage enjoying the ride.

There is a FB event page with the most up to date info Fixopoly Brisbane - Bicycle event

All bikes are welcome except recumbent’s, If you’re keen pencil in the date, share it around and let me know, depending on numbers and interest I’ll try round up some supporters to get a little prize bag happening.

awesome! Definite yes!

re: prize bags. You could take a small entry fee $2-$5 and use it to cover winning prize

I’d pay to play

I’m thinking $5ea entry which goes to antmandan and gets a beer or cold drink at the finish. Also, should have added that any feedback / criticism (and prize donations :stuck_out_tongue: ) are welcome.

If it seems like a bunch of people are riding I’ll contact the local good guys to see if they are interested in supporting, I know a few are on here but I’d like to ensure it’s worth their time before annoying them.

sounds good, im keen

While appreciated I will be asking people to make donations on the night of octokeg for a worthy charity. Probably gold coin donations per glass or such.

Good stuff!

I’m not sure if I’ll be outta town for work related activity… But if I’f in Bne, I’ll be keen for bike and beer related activity.

Gear have kindly offered to donate some prizes. #hype

jump onboard and share around the even page, I’ve got a few cool updates on the way

Details have been finalised. Meet point is the Kangaroo Point Rotunda, southern end of the cliff top. 6pm meet, $5 entry and should be done by 7. All entrants get beer.


GEAR Shop Brisbane have been kind enough to donate 5 prizes, if there’s enough entries to cover the printing and beer the extra money will become an additional prize.

A little sneak peak before tomorrow night.