Fixte Mixte

Shogun mixte frame, powdercoated hot pink/gold metallic by Bell Powdercoating.

Formula/Rigida wheels, ATACs, Sakae crankset with teeth ground off the 52t.

Still needs bars and a non uggo stem, real fenders and a rear rack.

Big thanks to Bill @ Human Powered Cycles for workshop access and Mark @ Born Again Cycles for random parts.

A very efficient looking bike! What brake pads have you got on the front there? They look a little longer than conventional road bike brake pads, more like v-brake pads…

What size wheels are they? If they are 27" I have a set of fenders lying around that you can have

Did I spot you out on Beach Road this morning taking this baby for a fang?

i like the bike and love the fenders you already have on it.
but more than anything i find the pacman table console deeply desirable.

Kool-Stop, salmon, Eagle II. Good pads, crap brake. Needs some Tektro super long reach dual pivot action.

700c wheels (hence the crap long reach brake). Are they alloy or chrome-steel fenders?

Yep, took it for it’s maiden run.
Things I learnt:

  • Bar/stem combo is awful. Needs a short reach, long extension quill and some Sushi’s.
  • Strangely, 40:16 on this is harder to push than 42:16 on the Sorenson. Haven’t figured out why yet, geometry/weight/?
  • Headset didn’t want to stay adjusted, which meant either being too tight and a pain to steer, or too loose and killing bearing races
  • Chainguard and toothless ring rub under power. Not much leeway for adjustment.
  • Lack of a top tube means I keep trying to pick it up and grab a handful of air.
  • Hot pink bikes are manly.

The fenders are soso, tricky to adjust, and not a huge amount of coverage. They’ll do for now though.

The cocktail cabinet is lusted after by many, you’re not alone. Also, it’s a scratchbuilt MAME job, so Ms Pac Man is but one of the many games it plays.

Droooool! Get me a towel.

That is so much nicer than the bike :slight_smile:

As found:

Updated configuration:

Still needs an appropriate saddle and is now awaiting a hubgear wheelbuild. Rides much better now, very cruisy. 15kg all up.

Dura-Ace centre-pull brake: