Flared drop bars.

Come across these at lunch today. Look similar to the Salsa Cowbells in terms of flared ends. Could be an alternative for those wanting flared compact drops.


Wonder what the flare is, 12 degrees seems to be standard.

gotta be a cheaper option than cowbells

It looked similar to my Cowbells, but couldn’t really find anything online except for this. Possibly 10° flare?

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Reopening a very old thread, since I want to talk about flared bars. I am looking to move from normal drops to flared drops to give me more room for the Wald basket that sits snugly between them. My question is do people typically buy the same size bars (measured C-C) when moving from normal to flared drops, or do they go wider because the hoods are angled in due to the flare?

I am looking at the Pro Discover drops, which have a 12 degree flare. My current regular road bars are 42cm C-C, and I don’t know whether to buy the pro in 42 or 44.

Any suggestions based on experience?