Flat land Tricks = Addictive

I took my bike to work today after leaving it in the car overnight.

I decided to go for a spin at lunch and get out of the office for once in a while. Ahh so refreshing.

Went and did some flat land tricks…soon enough i was having an hour and a half lunch break. Opps forgot about the time. Flat land tricks can be so addictive, I could do it for hours.

Anyone else love doing them?

I am thinking about doing a regular ride out to the museum to session up. In fact i am thinking on going tonight, anyone want to join me?

Excuse my ignorance, but what are ‘flat land tricks’?
Do they involve attempting to do a wheelie, only to backflip on your backside? :smiley:
Sorry, couldn’t help it…
I can’t even do wheelie’s so mad props to you dude.

When Damoh says flatland tricks I can only imagine that it must be a euphemism for crashing.

HaHa…Hench the word Flat land.

“Flat landing” fix tricks may be addictive and fun - but bmx tricks are just awesome. Whoever you were BMX guy, that stepoverbikeflipflopturnspinspinspinroll trick was damn impressive!


See More: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8823097@N08/?saved=1


Next session on the 19th? My chains come off then :mrgreen:

Sweet sounds good to me…however how are you going to do Mad Skilz without a chain?

Ahhh see thats where the ‘Skilz’ bit comes in young grasshopper :wink:

Session tonight at the Museum. Meet 8.30 then go for some $4 pizzas at Bimbos

Sorry about the late notice. Impulse decision whilst stuck at work. Need a fixie ride to cheer me up.

yep ace, i could do with a trix break :slight_smile: cya there.

Museum session tonight.

I need to go for a spin if anyone is interested…8pm

read your email you dill!

I thinks I missed out on that email

Sounds like a plan Nath. Can we meet at 7.30 to 8pm at the museum

Hey guys.
I’m thinking because it’s such a nice day today, perhaps we could have a skills session at the Museum? I’ll be there at about 8PM.

I’m assuming no one will be there :cry:

flat land tricks are the funnest thing to do. every chilling out, talking bikes, trying new things.

I want to get on board. About all I can do so far is skids and trackstands (the four-limbed variety at that)