Flat Out... Sydney to Melbourne [Merged]

Just saw this on Prolly’s blog

Flat Out is a group of riders who will be traveling from Sydney to Melbourne during the hot summer months on track bikes. Patrick from GOrilla is planning on riding the 1,020 kilometer trip and was kind enough to send me the information.

Expect updates from the ride soon and the guys will be videotaping their journey in both HD and Super 8 so look out for an edit in the future. For more information, check out the Flat Out Facebook page.

That’s brutal!

Not as brutal as the bne->syd->mel that a few guys here are gonna do.

I dropped the guys a line on their fb page, maybe we can give them a sydney send off/melburn welcome.

i hope scooter never sees this.

Yeah what the fuck is with this ‘Flat Out’ ride. Publicity from Prolly just cos they ride track bikes from SYD>MELB and have a a flyer of outback Alice Springs. Are they all internationals? Surely it would have come up on the forum previously to finding it on a yank blog. Why couldnt they come join us BNE>SYD. About time some Australian’s got on some fixed gear publications.

and i can’t help but feel like all their talk about “going walkabout” is a touch racist.

but you know, i pretty much see racism everywhere.

I feel this coming from someone that uses the stereotype ‘hippy’ as an insult is a touch hypocritical.

not to mention wanky.

is there some kind of racially insensitive history to the word / stereotype hippy? i’m actually interested. pls provide the etymology!

He probably means that the comparison of this ride to an important rite of passage for Australian Aborigines is culturally insensitive.

Kind of hard to judge without actually knowing who these guys are though, isn’t it?

Its showing prejudice against a group of people. If that group is ethnic or social, its still discrimination.

you’re correct.

and i think we can both agree that it is wrong to discriminate against people based on the accident of their birth. be it race/ethnicity/sexual preference/gender etc.

i don’t, however, think it is wrong to criticize people about their lifestyle choices. in fact, i think it’s an important way of moving forward. marx called this a dialectic. you can look that up. don’t confuse it with dianetics though. that’s something completely different.

for example, neo-nazis are a social group - could be considered a social movement, even. but you seem to be implying that we shouldn’t criticize or discriminate against any social group. but you better believe i’ll be discriminating the hell out of them. not to mention homophobes, misogynists, douchebags and abba fans.

anyways, i’m interested in why you’re defending the hippies. were you one, or are you just viewing the past through rose coloured glasses?

if the latter, remember, nostalgia is a cultural cul-de-sac…

Is it the same as me calling people who look like this “hipsters” as I throw my icecream at them?

In the UK the only mainstream “aussie pub” chains are called Walkabout. You go there to laugh at the carpet for a tenner.

So are people allowed to hate cyclists because of their transport choices? There just a social group that some people hatre the hell out of them.

Yes. People are allowed to hate cyclists, its their choice, like its my choice to hate hippies and children

^ +1

This whole thing is pfffft. I’ll only be impressed if they do it in less than 5 days unsupported.

I hate people who play internet teacher and correct others spelling and grammer…

good for you!!!

have a cookie.

you guys are cute.

Gorilla Bikes in Switzerland has something to do with it. 1 sydney rider in there.
Built 8 pair of wheels for them today. making a short movie on the ride