Flite 100 - Everyday Ride

This is my first post here, so I’ll throw a little intro in. I live in Vancouver, Canada, but will be immigrating to Melbourne in May. I’ve met a few of my wife’s friends, but don’t know anyone who rides yet, so I thought this might be a good place to start. Anyway, on to the bike…

Larger image here

2013 KHS Flite 100. Mostly stock, with the exception of the Soma HWY ONE bars, Demolition pedals, Hold Fast straps and Tektro levers. Front rack is a custom from Vallie Components, a local fabricator. I picked this up because crashing my roadie in the ice and snow was going to get expensive. Barely touched any of my other bikes since I got it.

I’m looking forward to exploring Melbourne. I’ll see y’all out on the road :slight_smile:


Nice bicycle, with those accoutrements you’re sure to fit in here.

I don’t actually know nikcee, but we have a lot of friends in common who tell me I’m supposed to look him up when I get to Aus.

When you get to Aus - can you bring me over some TimBits, poutine and beaver tails. Thaaanks.

Sure thing, but they’re gonna be a bit funky when they come out of the shipping container.

that’s how he likes em.

It’s true.

the flite100 is the official utility singlespeed/fixed gear of YVR.

if i could work out a way to get a rack from lyle without getting killed by shipping id be all over it. especially one of his hilarious custom designs :wink:

I don’t think he’s making them anymore. I managed to score this one ‘cuz someone ordered it, then never picked it up, so he had it laying around. He’s all busy engineering rear triangles for Rocky Mountain, slingin’ his hubs and sparkin’ together his own frames now.

That said, if you can convince him to build you one, I’ll chuck it in the shipping container when I head South.

A little update. After the sudden departure of one half of the Soma HWYONE bars it used to have, I switched it over to some cruisey Velo Orange moustache bars and cork grips.

What happened to the drops? Hope it wasn’t a crash.

Selfish question… How’s the handling with the front rack loaded up? Reason why:


Hey I see you riding south on St Georges path going to work a lot

I didn’t take the handlebars off because of a crash. The right side of the bars snapping off mid-ride caused a crash though. Now I’m a cyborg.

Handles fine with the weight up front. I’ve always had a preference for front loading. Definitely takes a few km to get used to it when you first set it up, but so does a rear rack. Might increase wind drag?

I’d say it’s a bit clumsy to handle when off the bike though.