floating sprocket is the new tied & solder .....

Haha not saying you were more asking if that’s how you would go about it, radial would be a hell of a lot easier, you could spin people tight out and lace it off centre with different length spokes.

Hmmm !!! Dayne/Spirito collab gyroscopic wheel theory just began.
Imagine the bullshit we could create on the interwebs with this one. all we need is trek/specialized/mavic marketing hoopla, a few pro’s and we’d invent the next bullshit trend !!!
Genius !!!

I remember those, FSA, I think.

Floating sprockets are too heavy (overbuilt!) and their flange is too low. Use an old sugino or campy 52-ish chain ring, grind off all the teeth, hook spoke elbows over the cutout in the ring, convince people that they will slide along cutout to find point of optimal tensions (the POOT, which is damn catchy) as the wheel is spun up to speed.

naah bro, 12 on the rear! (11 on the freehub and one over the hubshell.)

Get thee to a patent office!

Very clever … shoulda been a lawyer !!