Flood affected bicycles free labour

Queensland Floods - Goldcross Cycles

Thought this was pretty cool, so if your bike or someone you knows bike is full of “poo” water from the floods, get them to a Gold Cross shop for free labour, only until this Sunday.

Didn’t know where else to put this.

its amazing to see events like this occur. Such a simple idea that helps alot of people and there bikes:D

mmm hope these stores are better than the maroochydore one i wouldn’t let them touch my bike, let alone service it.
Bigest pack of overnight success, toss pot, wankers, to put a leg over a bike.
But hey these stores might be ok.

i thought it was gonna be help clean out our shop and we’ll give you free fucked bikes.

id have been down with that since ive been there since wed/left today