flying Badger

I’d read about this incident, but never seen it…

chute de Bernard Hinault

what a mad dog.

but i was really hoping this was footage of him getting in that fight all those years ago. even though i’m never going to forgive him for trying to cross a picket line, it was still pretty cool.

Came here expecting actual flying badger. Day ruined.

here’s something to tide you over …


now i’m happy. time to get out of bed!

There was this too…



Best cycling punch-on eva.

It’s no wonder everyone thinks we are gay - that’s the worst fight ever.

i’m with james on this one :-/

yeah, but you try steadying yourself for a punch in those puncey tappy-tap shoes. not to mention the whole zero upper-body strength thing.
that ‘fight’ looked like one of those german slappy dances

ps, how good is national lampoon’s?

true story, i meant to post this after i saw it. but i was riding behind a guy (guy 1) and some clown (guy 2) in a car threw a can of drink at the guy 1. guy 1 and me caught up to the car at some lights. guy 1 gets off his bike goes up to the car, words were exchanged, guy 2 gets out of the car and pushes guy 1. guy 1 shoots back with this quick left jab followed by a right cross and guy 2 gets smacked back into his car. guy 1 was wearing road shoes, too. speaking with guy 1 after and he was so composed like it was no thing and tells me he was an amateur boxer.

shit was real.

^so rad

there is a god

And not that I’m a fan of violence, but if two guys want to go at it together, this is the way to do it.


Inner Ring has further ‘deets’ on the Hinault vs picket line stoush, including good quality video.

Best Ice hockey fight! Featuring Brendans team The Montreal Canadiens… ferocious bunch! Haha.

They’re a tough lot, eh?!