FMoser ? Twin downtube

Vintage Track Bike Fixie Single Speed Bicycle Unique Classic Frame in in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

not sure if legit, also possible crack, doesn’t appear to be original fork either.

This is sick!!! Glad it’s a 56 or bigger because I’d be bidding otherwise!

those dropouts are so very ugly.



Yeah, but them down tubes!

I’m not sure I can get past the dropouts.

they are just so bad.

does anyone know why they actually use that style of dropout? they look weaker than the more commonly used style to me…

Looks very Cannondale-esque. Weird.

It’s a known fact that cantilever style dropouts are not ‘as strong’ as typical dropouts/track ends. But I reckon they look awesome because it tightens up the angles in the rear triangle. Would have this style of dropouts on any of my bikes :slight_smile:

Did anyone mention that those dropouts look like Cannondale ones? Cos they kinda do.

Agree … it should be buried.

That frame is all kinds of awesome. Who cares about smegging drop outs? All you haters must have some kind of wierd drop out fetish, like those guys who cant admit a hot girls’ beauty because her feet aren’t perfect. They’re not drop outs anyway, they’re track ends.

i don’t care about “track ends” in particular, but when they look that bad that becomes something i notice.

call them whatever the fuck you like, they are ugly as all hell.

Previous point now confirmed by above fetishist.

I thought they were feet?