FoA 2012 Tee

Hi all

We have a new 2012 FoA tee - It’s been awhile since I’ve managed to get another tshirt off the ground, but here it is…

The new logo will be on the new revision of this site, which will be launched hopefully before Christmas. The logo was designed for us by EzyLee - So props to him!

Tee’s are $30 delivered anywhere in Oz. Metallic print is $34. If orders do not exceed 20, all monies will be refunded. If you don’t like PayPal, please PM me and I will give you bank details. Screen printing is done here in Melbourne on Gildan tshirts. Proceeds go to the site. Orders will be taken for one week only.

Feel free to ask any questions related directly to the topic at hand - All others will be deleted, and smart arses will be given a one week holiday without remorse!

<strong>Note:</strong> I had planned to lock this thread to avoid inane commentary and criticisms, however I will leave it open. Please be nice - The tee is what it is, there will no changes and no variations. If you like it, and you want to support the site, then chip in - If not, no worries.


Haha, yes Chris, you did get the first tee - That must be a speed record :wink:

PS The orange/gold print is actually meant to be metallic gold. Harder to do in photoshop than you might think.

Is there anywhere we could find a sizing chart with measurements and all that?

Plus nice work on the shirt!

was also wondering about that. How do they relate to the anticoast tees?

They tolerate each other, but don’t send Christmas cards.

yeah, not sure why i used “relate” there, prehaps compare would’ve been better.

Very similar to almost identical.

Please use this for sizing: 2000 — Adult T-Shirt — Gildan Australia 2011

Ah ace! I was wondering if you were going to slap these on some shirts.

If you don’t like it - don’t buy it!

Thanks Nick. And to the mods for running the boards.

The tee looks great, I’ll be getting a couple.

Oops, sorry…edited my link to avoid confusion.

Great looking tee, will be purr chasing.

Thanks for the Tee - just ordered a black/grey one in Medium - though will the beer I am drinking and will continue to drink over the holiday season, maybe should have been a large.

Really nice work.
hanks for the new designs and shirts.
I’ve been told i have too many black t-shirts, and with it heating up, i’ll have to go white

I sorta like reflective gold tees, but it’s sorta ‘bleached hair and VL turbo’ spec…
Idk, I’ll buy one anyway. I love it in white.

Also quality of the NSP shirts ruled, so heavy!

nice print Ezylee! getting one for sure!

Stickers maybe?

down for 2

Depending on tshirt popularity, I’ll consider stickers. Contrary to one may think, the logistics of all this are actually kind of irritating. But happy to do it if there is interest, so perhaps we’ll gauge it in a few weeks. Good kiss-cut stickers that are UV protected and of decent quality need to be printed in lots of 1000, so there is investment involved. Yes, I know there are cheaper options, but I’m plagued by the metaphysics of quality.