FOA/BCC Swap Meet. HSV

Ok, putting this out there.

Swap Meet, BWK Velo, soonish. 25 or 26 april. time to announce/plan, avoids easter hols.

Been a while since the last supreme one and no announcements yet. abbotsford is on soon, (The next Vintage Cycle Club of Victoria swap meet is on for Saturday 21st March. 9am to 12noon) but it’s usually a bit shit unless you like really worn out stuff and super antiques.

Charge $5/spot, proceeds to Jnr Clinic. Setup on the front/back straights, bikes parked on the infield. Open up the kiosk too, see if Padre want to bring their portable espresso kit down and sling brews like they did at the BWK primary fete.

Either has to be a Sat morning to avoid training (4pm on), or a Sun morning when jnr clinic isn’t on (9-12), no dates posted beyond april 5 currently, can’t remember when they break for winter.

Promote on FOA via thread/banner, see if the various facebook bike market groups will allow a posting (one allowed the recent BNE swap).




emailed bcc sec and dave m.


turns out fyxo is having a swap meet at HSV on good friday.