FOA CAPS!!! EOI/pre-order

I’ve found somewhere to get them done (Walz Caps), so they’re happening :slight_smile:

Design will be as below (thanks again to Lokione for the design):

I think these look awesome!!!

Price will be $25 with free postage to interstaters.


Small/Medium - ~53.5cm - 59.5cm
Large/Extra Large - 59.5cm - 63.5cm
Kids - Please measure your kids noggin and include it in your email/pre-order when it’s setup.

At this stage, we can’t open pre-orders as the NSP back-end is down and I can’t enter them into the system. Paypal is too messy, direct bank deposit doesn’t gather the info we need.

I will hopefully be able to open up pre-order next week. Turnaround once ordered is approximately 4 weeks.


WHO WANTS ONE?! Please remember we will be using this to get an idea of how many to order, so don’t say you’re keen if you’re not, as it’ll just result in excess caps here at FOA HQ.

Post any questions you may have here and I’ll do my best to answer ASAP.



2013 FOA Cycling Caps / fixedorgau

Apologies that you have to now go and buy the hat you’ve already said you want, but this was the best way to do it with the NSP site not working properly.

One small glitch that I can’t seem to fix is that if you are ordering multiples you will need to go back to the product and put another in the cart. You cannot adjust the number added to the cart. Annoying, but there are worse things in the world to navigate.

Pre-order will be open until SUNDAY SEPT 15TH

Turnaround once ordered is ~ 4 weeks.

Really appreciate all of the interest, just don’t forget to order through the bigcartel website to ensure you don’t miss out!

Any questions, you know where to find me!!

I guess I’ll take one

I’ll have to get one. Small medium
purely for research purposes you understand

In. I reckon Audrey will be keen too.

Large please!

I would like to express my insect. No, intersect…oh, you know what I mean.


Put me down for one, S/M, to match my jersey!

Large pls.

good point.

if you could please specify your size that would be good (just in case our usual system doesn’t get fixed by the time we order)

One large and one kiddies. I’ll measure his noggin when I get home and can get him to sit still for a minute*.

*Please note that this kid has a massive head and might not be representative of other kids in the 1-2 year age bracket.

actual lol.

One large please… not that my head is that big

Small over here. And smaller again for the little’un.

I’m in for 1 S/M.

large for my big head.

yep, 1 s/m please!

This is me expressing my interest for 1 x S/M plz Roly.

1 x S/M for me.

I think it’s the right size, better tight than loose and floppy. :o

XL please and thank you. Any chance of a monochromatic edition?

just apply a filter to your photos of it.

(Or pay for the artwork and minimum run costs)