FOA help in Launceston 5 May?

Any FOAers in Launceston? I’m in need of some help to get a fuel canister after hours.

I’m flying into Launceston Friday 5 May (arriving 8.30pm) to go and run part of the Overland track. I’ll be driving straight down to Ronny Creek that night. I don’t like my chances of finding somewhere open that will sell a fuel canister.

I’m looking for some FOA help to grab me a canister in advance for me to collect and pay $$ (plus generous tip) for on my way out of town.

PM me!

**Would want a small 110g canister of MSR IsoPro or equivalent:

Sign up at (it’s FOA for hiking!) and post a help wanted there, you’ll likely find a local somewhere between the airport and Ronny Creek that could grab you a canister and you could collect & pay from them after you arrive and get your wheels. (There are also a few people who live near the airports that will let people drop their unused fuel off or collect fuel on the way in. A pay it forward deal.)

220g likely easier than 110g, but options to try (some will let you pay by credit card on the phone and can arrange to be left with taxi company / accommodation etc eg Paddy’s Launceston: Ask us about our fuel delivery! We can drop fuel and fuel canisters to your hotel or hostel for early birds walking before shop hours. So even though you cannot carry fuel over on aircraft, you can have it ready to go when you land!):

Parks Tas Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre (en route)
Usually has gas, phone 03 6289 1172 and they might be able to stash one outside for you

Deloraine (en route)
Home Timber & Hardware
Good Sports

Launceston: (not strictly en route)
Paddy Pallin
Mountain Designs
Arthouse Hostel

Devonport (not en route)
Mountain Designs

Thanks Blakey. I’ve also posted an ad on Chockstone (FOA for climbing) where I’ve sourced similar help before. But will try your suggestions.

This place might also help if you have no other leads

Will you be in HBA at all for a coffee? I might be overseas but fingers crossed I’m here early May.

No, I’ll be in and out, flying straight back the Sunday night. But I’m aiming for another trip in June/July when I hope to have a bit more time.

One of our group forgot to unpack his fuel on a recent flight to Tasmania. Didn’t blow up.