FOA Instagram content!

Yeah, doing a daily theme would require actual work and dedication from someone.
I like the random pics lifted from insta/flickr accounts of various members, there’s some bloody good photographers kicking around here, more than enough material there to keep it interesting.

Perth’s not a city

Feel free to use anything from my IG

Shots fired.

How you doing Keith?

How is the Perth Bike Tag going?

Oh man, so so sore today! Moving is hard, getting up and down especially so. Just feeling lucky that I didn’t do worse damage.

Also looks like Bristol is out for this year which has me pretty bummed

^ Keith, that sucks man!

AS for the work in keeping the IG going with a theme - share the load. With IG’s functionality allowing multiple accounts from an instance, is there an opportunity to share the details among the contributors to get content up? For example, if Keith, myself, EzyLee, HeavyMetalCyclist, FameAndSpear, etc had access, we could get content up inline with theme.

It’s fine, you don’t need to ask. I’ll take one for the team and do it.

Feel free to use anything from @lorday or anything from my Flickr (lordayplease).

Some @endless_cycle @mikdeee and @crowley_93 #touraotearoa pics would be good

prolly meat pie sticker. clearly.

a pic from post my ride, every day.

for some reason my brain computed the above as “a pic from justrideit, everyday”.


Hahahah that probably would rake in the followers lol

yeah, thats easy, just alternate between road, track, street fixed, MTB, commter/foofy portuer and CX

Ive made an insta just for pics from my RX100, Nature, street and architecture Mostly. None of me sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to check it out!!