FOA Instagram content!

I’m on the constant hunt for FOA sourced content for the FOA Instagram account (Login • Instagram)

Any images to post much appreciated!

Instructions: Embed in this thread with attribution (either where it came from or Instagram name), and I’ll post. Merci!

James, get your toucan on!

feel free to pick anything out of my flickr account and let me know which ones you want, I’ll get you the files.

#goosedoggy ftw


The famous CraigC pic!

A few here:

Putting bikes up against the wall before #baaw was a thing. Circa 2009 - rocking the deep v mullet combo and nob rakes and wide bars before mash made fixies cool again.

and this shirt.

is it limited to fixed gear related pictures or is it to reflect the forum in general? i feel this forum is now so diverse in bikes from track, to tarcks, to beardos and super commuters, mtbs, weight weenie roadies etc.

maybe introduce a weekly theme? ie

mad monday - crazy pic of FOA member
track tuesday - track pic of member, ie can be of bike, or velo action shot etc
working wednesday - courier shot of FOA member, maybe profile, or selfie with big ass bag on the job that i see on my feeds
thirsty thursday - beers and bikes
frisky friday - some foa bike porn etc

^ not bad

How about:

Owl Monday
Owl Tuesday
Owl Wednesday
Owl Thursday
Owl Friday ??

Wombat Weekends!

All Jaffles, all the time.

Also awesome bike tag photos

That’s a good idea, get people try to guess where it is. (Include Melb/Syd/bris/Ade)

whats wrong with Perth? you’re city-ist.

Sounds like a craig david song

Brilliant Liam. Kudos to you.

Nope not limited to fixed gear related pics at all, and I agree the forum is diverse so the feed should reflect that. Basically if the content is connected to the forum then it’s what I’d like to include. I would also like the feed to appeal to non-members though, so it can’t all be potatoes, even though I think an Instagram feed showing just potatoes would probably be a lot more successful.

I like your weekly theme idea, but, tbh I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up and keep it that specific without help from others somehow…