FOA racers - Melbourne V2.


Who’s up tonight? I’ve been labouring all day digging stump holes, don’t think I can be shagged.


After watching Tuesday track I’m so keen to give it a go!


Yep - you guys were on the wrong side of the fence! Apart from that pursuit bit… definitely the right side of the fence for that…


I’ll figure out a license/ do some training or something soon. Hopefully even sort a bike out.


was really good racing tonight, lots of wind and a nice size group made things interesting


I’m out for a few weeks and hearing all these awesome results sucks bad. But I’ve got a 2nd job now so need save a bit and get back in front after the wedding. Hope to be racing again once DISC re-opens in June. Till then I’ll live vicariously thru you all!


No trick sesh on Wednesdays either Markee?


the best training you can do is jumping into E/secret squirrel night training with xbbx


dude, it’s secret!


i’m not sure why I’ve been taking such a time out. I’ll pin a number on next Tuesday night fo sho (maybe), I’ll be down for Thursday night training/rollers though - this time I’ll bring a more appropriate bike than a hoopty with mudgaurds and gripshift.

Speaking of which CX LSD HY DAN.m4v - YouTube I’ll be doing this ride Saturday. Perhaps a bit too south side for y’all? There’ll be a bunch leaving Black rock clock at 7am with the hell ride BUT if there are a few people here that are keen on the ride but not the 7am depart then I’m sure the other Banole boys won’t mind pushing it back for other FOA-ers


We’ll see you tomorrow Jear. Should be a nice day so bring the track bike and a big gear (90+) for the hour of power behind Neville.

I’d be keen to ride with you guys on Sat, but we’re down at Phillip Island getting dropped in the cross-winds. You guys should stay away from the Hell Ride anyway though. Fuck that. Get better training riding in the wind by yourselves!


Wicked, big dog packed

Yes, Hell ride is balls so we’ll either be hanging on the back or preferably going a bit earlier and just meeting the cx’s at Carrum

Dammit, I totaly forgot about Phillip Island, you’re in good form though. Positioning is key in that race, making sure that you’re well positioned before each corner so you stay outta the wind


can you clarify for me duggan, did you race a team pursuit solo AND win by 7 seconds.

you, sir, are a machine, and I am sad that I missed it!!


I got a good push.


was brenno there?


In the stands.


pushing with my eyes.


Yeah mate will be out for a month at least I think, then a another week to catch up. I’m so tired already and it’s only been two days!


this is interesting to me… where are these trails?

not sure if i can make saturday yet as im midst sorting out mothers day activities.


Steve I was keen for TDB tonight, but it’d be nice to get on the track, reckon I could manage on 48/15?