FOA Summer Show n Shine


after the success of pushies galore, we wanna have our own show and shine/swap meet.

thinking first day of summer, saturday december 1st.

Blakey/xbbx - reckon we could run it at HSV? other venues to consider should it rain, it is melbourne after all? is DISC receptive to such things?

get some food/coffee vans down there, blane with his stereo bike etc.

different categories may include:

best track
best tarck
retro roadies with brifters
modern road

gypsy - you got any info that may help us get this happening? anything to be wary of etc?

we really wanna make this a reality so let us know what you think!

just looked at the bikingbrisbane site a little more closely, maybe not as big as the pushies galore event, but something along those lines…

Rolly, Contact Gavin Bannerman for specifics on running this sort of thing. I can intro you if required. As can Gypsy.

I say go HSV, and if it’s raining, do the bike setup in the clubrooms (every entrant to BYO stand). If at DISC you couldn’t use the track unlicenced and the temptation would be too great for some.

(obligatory: wouldn’t it be easier to just have it at Coffee’s house?)

Dave/Helen could open the kiosk / fire up the bbq which will spin some money for the club and ease our way into using the clubrooms.

No CX category? :wink: But seriously, I’d add some more whimsical categories, like “best” beater etc, ones that don’t require pouring money / time into a build to win.

We could likely get supreme on board for coffee, we might be able to get Beatbox (esp if parked by bike path to get extra passing traffic)

Are you going to have prizes / sashes / trophies? What’s the incentive for people to bring their bikes down?

sashes. definitely sashes.

good idea roland.

thanks blakey, knew you’d be able to help.

gavin bannerman = biking brisbane organiser yeah?

all your comments are right where i was wanting to go with regards to BCC kiosk, BB kitchen, coffee and categories, seriously.

as for coffee, i wouldn’t mind seeing if benny tatts and genovese wanna get on board as they’re local. not sure they’ll have the reach for publicity though if we get some flyers into cafes etc. or if they’re as well set up for pop ups etc.

we will be wanting to get prizes for sure, thinking we could hit up the usual outlets for assistance (st cloud/ponybikes/bogear?/anticoast(we should have more apparel by then!)/kumo?/knog/crumpler/smith st cycles)

pushies was a 2 day event and incorporated a swap meet too, not sure if we want to try and take on that much at this stage, but it is a good opportunity to try and do both. swap meet/bike display in the morning, judging and prizes in the arvo?

$15 for a sellers stall AND entry to the competition
$10 for competition only
$10 for sellers stall only


Treadly Bikes in Adelaide did a show and shine last year. One of the catergories was best “work horse” which could be a beater, commuter bike, cargo, etc…

yeah i was thinkin that the “well used rides” thread is pretty popular. could be a good category that anyone can enter.

my fixie would win.

good work rolando…

best beardo is very good, and i’d like to suggest that HMC be a judge of that :wink:
my suggestion would be to not have too many categories as that will drag out the presentations and make it more work for the judges, but i do think a couple of whimsical categories is good.
a one day event is all i think you want to commit to for now
having some notable judges is always good… (im going to suggest blakey as one)
swap meet would be pretty good as an accompaniment but im not sure how much extra work that is (might not be much if its run super low key and space is allocated with people BYO everything they need to sell)
tatts/genovese would be a good call. he set up a machine in the canteen for ryans fundraiser and knocked out a bunch of coffees for that and he could probably do that again.

i’ll totally put my hand up to help out… none of my bikes are likely to win much anyways (unless theres most destroyed BBs category).

and blakey - coffee’s place would be ok… but your place would be 100x better. dont deny it!

oh yes, sorry, this is a great idea Roland. well done.

I will judge the beardo bike, the irony being that if you are the winner, you are an automatic loser.


so do we post a thread about it now then hit up sponsors or vice versa.

after fyxo was at pushies last week, really don’t want to find out he’s running one before we’ve called dibs!

or am I being paranoid?

hello chums

ok, bit of an update for you all.

  • Brunswick are happy to get on board and let us use HSV for the event. we’re currently awaiting the schedule for the racing they are apparently having on that day, as that will affect which area we use and when we can run it. blakey, were you at the meeting? any idea of this?
  • does anyone have any opinions on whether the infield or outfield (between kiosk and clubrooms) would be best? more passing traffic up the top and not reliant on the schedule of racing so much?
  • ryan is going to bash out a flyer for us, hopefully by next monday.
  • benny tatts is keen to roll a coffee cart down the hill from genovese
  • saint cloud are keen to get on board and have discussed amongst their crew how they wanna get involved. i’ll be emailing nick later today for an update.
  • kumo is happy to kick in some small prizes
  • still to hit up many sponsors that may be interested

brendan, are you keen/willing/able to commentate/help with presentations?
blakey/gypo, do you have an email for gavin bannerman?

what do we think is a fair asking price for entry? spectators don’t need to pay, just people entering the show n shine and sellers for the swap meet. thinking maybe $10 per bike, $20 for a marquee? $10 for first bike, $5 for every bike after that? too much? obviously we need bikes to be a successful event, so maybe we need to look at the pricing to ensure we get a good balance…

brains trust, what are your thoughts?


definitely outfield, not infield. i’m happy to help.

rad dude.

Gavin Bannerman -

thanks gypo!

Ok jerkfaces, time to start nutting out the S&S specifics.

Here’s a few to start.

  • Timetable
  • Categories
  • Judges / judging method
  • Prizes
  • Entry cost
  • Sponsor costs / sponsor benefits / sponsor clashes
  • Logistics - bump in / bump out, clean up, rack portaging…
  • Music
  • Coffee
  • Beer - raffle?
  • Timetable - Dec 1st - setup 4pm, show 5pm-9pm
  • Categories - Track - Road - Fixie/Commuter/Workhorse/Tarck - Stepthru/Mixte - Antique? - Beardo (aka Tourer) - plus there’ll be spot prizes for random shit (worst paint/most ridiculous/rattiest bartape or some shit)
  • Judges / judging method - k o - blakey (or do you wanna enter?) - brakefree/gypsy/dayne?
  • Prizes - i’m going to discuss this with sponsors next monday when i finalise the flyer and post all the details/unlock the thread etc
  • Entry cost - $5 per category, free for spectators
  • Sponsor costs / sponsor benefits / sponsor clashes - TBC (didn’t we say $75 per table?)/TBC/hopefully none, but i do know we have SGB/BOgear/Crumpler all confirmed…
  • Logistics - bump in / bump out, clean up, rack portaging… - TBC nearer the time
  • Music - Blane from Cargone is bringing his stereo bike, he asked me to quietly get some people to maybe make a playlist or two.
  • Coffee - Tatts can bring the coffee cart still
  • Beer - raffle? - Figured this could be decided closer to the date/by nickj

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