#FoAMafia 10 year Celebration - November 1st - Sydney Chapter

This sounds good, but there is a high chance I will be in transit from some white persons birthday jazz shit in the Hunter. Will try and hot foot it back.

Probably. If this is what happens. If it doesn’t work out for me time-wise I’ll just come straight to 5Dock.

Yasssss! Crix for old times sake?

Sure, why not?

So let’s say this:

Meet at the Cricketer’s Arms, Surry Hills, anytime after it opens. Roll out at about 1.15, heading to Five Dock Park.
Meet at Five Dock Park around 2, for beers, hot chips, and frisbee.


Attendance is looking dubious until late afternoon, so I may have to miss this one!

Okay, with family obligations etc I’m going to be meeting y’all at Five Dock.

Rod, can you be in charge of getting everyone out of the pub? Otherwise it’ll just be me and Ev drinking all the beer in the park on our own. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

idgaf about the crix so if I’m in attendance I’ll meet y’all at the park. Who’s managing the beer money??


no probs.

Okay kids, this Sunday!

FOA webmaster NickJ has kicked in the cash for a couple of cases, so just turn up at the crix early on or the park around 2 for a few drinks and some lolzzzz*.

*lolzzzz not guaranteed.

Rollzzzz guaranteed?

The crix doesn’t open until 1pm - so if anyone (me mainly) wants earlier beer we’ll have to go somewhere else. Still good i guess to meet there at 1 for the ride to % dock.

nah i’ll be in melbourne mate.

Find a pub that should be open (Oxford St somewhere?) and let us know.
1pm meet at Crix for rollout after a beer still stands.


Would be good to put a face to a few avatars.

*depends on the state of the head after the rugby

what the wet weather plan? Same thing?

If anyone wants to meet earlier I will be at the Bat & Ball (Parkside Hotel) on cnr of Cleveland & South Dowling at maybe 11:30 odd. Will be at crix at 1pm though

Same thing if wet I reckon. Gonna be hot so won’t matter.

I’m gonna skip the crix and ride straight to 5 Dock. see y’all there!

Me and cam are at the Crix! Will stay until 1315