#FoAMafia 10 year Celebration - November 1st - Sydney Chapter


Here’s the plan.
Meet at the Cricketer’s Arms, Surry Hills, anytime after it opens. Roll out at about 1.15, heading to Five Dock Park.
Meet at Five Dock Park around 2, for beers, hot chips, and frisbee.

Okay, let’s get the ball rolling on this.
Thoughts? Suggestions?
Keeping in mind that FOA Sydney is spread far and wide, any ideas for a sweet park to assemble at?

I’m thinking meet up somewhere, go for a cruisy roll, then park up for beers/hot chips/shit talking.

Crix to Lapa roll?

That’s one option, though it’d likely turn into a smashfest.
I reckon heading west from the CBD would make sense, and not just cos I’m west of the CBD.

There’s a great park at Five Dock, where the skate bowl is. It’s also close to bottle shops and hot chip establishments. Maybe meeting in the CBD (or Crix) and roll out to there, or having a couple of meeting points and converging.

I should be freshly healed by then so I’ll be taking it easy(ish)

Cool. I reckon cruisy will suit: you and Harry are both walking wounded and there’s bound to be people getting along who won’t be up for fast stuff.

Read as: Dan will be 500m ahead at all times.

At which point we all take a sneaky left turn and ditch him.

Can’t come. Getting married.

Postpone. It’s not every day that FOA shouts the beers.

Good call, i’ll let the missus know.

You’re doing the right thing. If she doesn’t understand, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Bugger. Gong Ride day.

I second this plan - the 5D park is great - it is a fun ride to get to via cooks river cycleway as well, close to shops & nice ethnic eateries.

Move the wedding to 5 dock park ??


Tom’s Hell On Wheels helloween Jam might be on Nov 1st (or might be on Sta 31st). Pyrmont is also good, but bit more effort for the westies


Can’t come. Something about a wedding.

Okay people, this is getting closer. In light of discussion stalling, I propose the following:

How about we meet at a pub in town/Surry Hills/somewhere, then roll out a bit after 1 to the park at Five Dock. We can pick up beers/chips/etc when we get there.

How does this sound to y’all?

This is a good idea. Are you riding in to Surry Hills?