focale 44

thinking of forking out for one of these…
FOCALE 44 bikes
anyone got/had one?

Plastic but confortable saddle

that says enough really

doesn’t list brands/models of components, but considering it has plastic pedals and seat and isn’t very light, i’m not sure if the rest will be very good.

had a look at these in Little Black Bike, when they briefly carried them.
Kinda cheapish to the eye, like something a Company had slapped together to cash in on a new market.
the one piece bars stem looks crap IMO.

I’m running the focal frame at the moment and im happy with it, could be lighter though.

They are not the lightest of frames but are real solid. I have been riding mine for almost a year and am really impressed with it. You can also go for the frame and fork kit and run your own parts. I got the complete and the first thing I did was ditch the bar/stem combo, mainly because they were too narrow for me and didnt have enough backsweep. I eventually replaced the rims, other than that everything else is still holding up well. The frame is much better than you would think.You can actually trust the headtube as it is fully CNC machined, and the tapered rear stays are a nice touch. Superstar BMX frames are some of the best out there so when they started Focale I knew they would be well made. I say do it.

hey I just got the noble, and it rides real smooth, only downfall is the bars/stem combo. Could somebody help me please, what fixie/mtb riser bars would fit a bmx stem?

ask in the tricks section. someone’ll no doubt be able to help you there

You will be prity much safe with any MTB/BMX stem as they will fit the bike. Just make sure its not a stem that takes oversize handel bars, that would be over kill.

The frame is quite solid; and yeah, a little heavy. If you get better components and fit it out nicely, they look quite good. BMX stem and some nice risers etc (definitely get rid of the integrated stem/bar). Try looking at the Specialized Globe Roll 1 or 2 for something along those lines and a bit cheaper. Still not sure whether it would have been worthwhile to fork out a bit more for that instead of my sample Europa road-frame convert. Only time and I assume a major stack will tell. They aren’t the most traditionaly looking, but they seem to do the job. How hard are you planning to ride the thing?

Thanks for the advice lads

What’s the Focale retailing for?

The Focale retails for around 1k

$999 Noble
$999 Revolted
$949 Relax

2010 models come with padded saddles. Plastic was only 2009.

Got a Revolted on its way into the shop now, keen to see how it looks in the flesh.

They look so good! The colour is sweet. For the price i’d defs go one.